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  1. Hi all, Just wanted to know if any body has done a voltage test on Honda S2000 injectors to work out the dead times. Fuel pressure is 42 psi. At present the setup looks like this, 6volt 7v 8v 9v 10v 11v 12v 13v 14v 15v 3.200 2.500 1.900 1.500 1.250 0.960 0.895 0.800 0.770 0.650 Any help would be appreciated. Cheers Marty
  2. Hi all, I was just reading through the products and I'm a bit confused. I can find all the information on the LEM G3 and what I can add to it, but the linkplus G3 witch comes in about $700 more has not much on it at all. I'm obviously looking in the wrong place. Can someone please enlighten me on what's the Go Thanks, Marty.
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