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  1. I thought about that one, would be handy if you didn't want to delve into the dash. Nice addition Adam, now we have it covered hopefully!Â
  2. And for those with fine taste in Kiwi metal will be able to identify the backing track
  3. Howdy, Seeing as there is weird info online and not much is clear in regards to driving a high level tacho with a low level signal I figure I'd take mine apart and apply Ohm's Law as I figure it's got to be simple enough surely! 97 Mazda B2200, link atom g4. So I dragged out my tacho You need to see what is + 12V, what is Ground and what is 'switched ground' or whatever that is, signal I suppose, from coil. Now that you've found your signal, check to see what size the resistor is (hopefully there is one and I've not wasted your time). Mine is a through hole resistor which is nice and simple, they may exist in thin film too but those are easy also, don't be discouraged. You'll want a fine tip on your soldering iron though. So mine is a 42k resistor. Now using Ohms law 200V / 42000 = Â ~0.005 amps. (guessed at 200V, might be 400 but with such a large denominator it doesn't really matter) Because we have only 12V to play with we go backwards to find the resistance needed for that amperage 12 / 0.005 = 2400, so we need a 2k4 resistor. So I took out the 42k resistor, replaced with 2k4 resistor and put it back in. Video of tacho working: http://i801.photobucket.com/albums/yy295/Bangbug_bucket/video-2014-06-30-21-48-13.mp4 RPM sweep works nicely too, thanks link!
  4. Thanks Simon, champion That's all nice and logical and means I can run some LPG injectors later when I need more headaches! Â
  5. Ah, I know what I've done, I've wired my ignition like a subaru! Hahahahaha, shit. Anywho, my question still stands re: injection.Â
  6.  So I should have drive  1 going to inj 1 and 3. Drive  2 going to inj 2 and 4? With 3 and 4 driving nothing.
  7. To tag on I'm doing the same but with 4 cylinders. Way I figured 1-4 running 1-4. But no? So I should have 1 going to 1 and 3 and 2 going to 2 and 4? With 3 and 4 driving nothing. I only get 1 and 3 injecting the way I have it now, does that sound right? Why can't we just have batch where we wire 1 injector per drive? Fire 2 injectors at once. That way when we get trig 2 going we can run sequential? Can I alter the firing seqence or something to change it to accommodate how I'valready wired it? Im running waste spark also.
  8. Hit ENTER!!!!! AH HA! Searching forums is brilliant!
  9. Yeah I thought that could have been the case with the fuel pump relay as I've run everything else as per the manual. I've had it disconnected from the first plug in, though I've changed nothing and it works perfectly now! But the main problem was the +14V being in the position of the Trig 2 and vice versa, FROM THE FACTORY. You may have read that and not been surprised, I thought you may have been though, I certainly was! hahaha.Â
  10. Unit powered up by itself away from loom. So went through the loom... all still seemed fine in loom land. So put the multimeter on the loom and the trigger 2 and +14V had been wired around the wrong way. So out of thousands I got a dud... hahaha, if not for bad luck I'd have none! Swapped those two wires around and all is well in the world! So for future reference, +14V going to trigger 2 will make the units blue light power up. I hope trigger 2 hasn't been affected, the next engine will be making use of it so I guess I'll find out then!
  11. Oh sorry buddy, I picked up one last night and they're willing to lend it but not willing to part with it. NZ. This seems a slow forum so I hope you're hitting up everywhere else Best of luck.Â
  12. That's a solid reply Simon, cheers! I'll give her a spin! Â
  13. Good chance, where in the country are you?
  14. Hooray Logic! (I actually mean that, I'm not being sarcastic)Â
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