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  1. Hi guys. Â Had a few issues with Link drivers recently. One minute working fine, Nek Minnit, dead. Cant connect to the laptop. Zero changes to the computer whatsoever. After a painfully long time trying to get the driver to re-install (have to do it manually i found, as PClink keeps saying its fine even though its been un-installed), i finally get it working again. Originally i un-installed PCLink and re-installed it to no fix, then tried the latest version too. Â Now none of my old log files or ANY of my old tune .pcl files will work. I just get an 'error on line 0'. Real helpful that This is very frustrating, as i have more than one tune for the car for each application. Street/track/drag etc as i have different exhaust sizes. This isnt the 1st time its happend either. WHY OH WHY are tunes not compatible with new versions of PCLink? It makes life incredibly difficult! Im guessing the obvious fix is to install a previous release of PClink, but i wouldnt have a clue what version i used to use. Cheers Bevan
  2. Bevan Marshall

    Locked ECU

    Most tuners dont lock the ECU to 'hide' anything. They lock it so if someone that thinks they know what they are doing fiddles with it and blows the engine up, the customer cant come back crying that the tune ruined their engine.
  3. Oh shit.. i think i just figured it out.. my apologies Link Ignore me
  4. Instead of starting a new thread, it seems as if the display changes itself whenever it wants too aswell, for example on the 'tuning' tab i have the regular displays, ECT,, TP, IAT, RPM etc, and i add things like AFR, and change the gauges to what i like, but then the enxt time i open pclink, or its even happened during tuning, some of them stop working all together, and have to add them again, or disappear with something else in their place. Any ideas?
  5. Just had a read of that. Quite interesting how he rubbishes the ECU before any sort of investigation or any attempt to play with the tune. Ill give him that he did back off when the 1st dude put him right, and admitted that it was a tune fault rather than the ECU. But then threw in 'oh but it can only do wasted spark' lol. Like it matters. Justifying wasting F2500. The guy who sold and installed did pretty well out of it too.
  6. Ok i realize this is a very random question, but is there a limit to how many times you can rewrite the settings on the ECU? Reason im asking, is that currently im using the G4 as a part immobilizer, as in i have a separate .pcl file with ignition and fuelling turned off completely. The car isnt driven during the week at all, and its far enough away from my house to not be heard driven off if the worst happens, someone breaks into the garage etc. So basically, when i leave the car on a sunday night, i store the .pcl i have made with everything off. Then on a saturday or whenever, i load the current full tune and away we go. Its only temporary, ill be eventually using one of the spare digital inputs as an immobilze function interfaced with the alarm. Just need to get my head around the wiring. Thanks
  7. Cancel that order All sorted and now working perfectly! Thankyou for your help!
  8. Right now it is as follows: DI4: Air Con Request Pullup Resistor - OFF On Level - HIGH AUX3: Air Con Clutch Polarity - HIGH Clutch Release - TP (MAIN) SW OFF Value - 90 Clutch Delay - 0.3s Does this look correct to you? Im starting to wonder if it does need to be changed (even though it is working) because we are having trouble with the idle when the button is pressed. Again its reversed. Press the A/C button and the idle drops to 500rpm, then will jump back up. And when its switched off again, the revs shoot up to 1000rpm before settling. I would expect that to be opposite again.. lol.
  9. Seems as if i figured it out. Thanks Jurgen. Polarity on the Aux Output needed to be on High. The only wierd thing is, that its opposite. So when the clutch is off (ac not going) the Runtime says its ON. And when i press the A/C button to turn it on, the Runtime says OFF. lol. Other than that it works as it should as it did with the stock ECU. It wont cause any issues being, as it seems, reversed?
  10. Great thanks alot! Will have a play with your suggestions and see what i can come up with!
  11. Hey, Have just installed a G4 plugin into my R33 GTS25t Skyline. Have gone through all the initial setups and have the car running and driving sweet. The problem im having is, a few seconds (5-10 secs) after starting the engine, the air conditioning compressor kicks in and stays on. The Air Con button on the dash has no effect on the compressor whatsoever. Switching it from A/C ON to A/C OFF does nothing, niether does turning the climate system off all together. Basically i cant have the interior fans on blowing ambient air temp around, its ice cold all the time, and the engine is loaded up from the compressor constantly. Is there an option im missing here somewhere in the settings? Thanks in advance! Bevan
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