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  1. Shedley

    Thunder e-throttle closed-loop idle (now resolved)

    Don't understand this, my manual says something different, that's why i'm a bit confused
  2. Shedley

    Thunder e-throttle closed-loop idle (now resolved)

    just had same issue ^^ Also not seem to have Idle Derivative Gain Table
  3. Just send a mail to bosch motorsport, sure they have the proper data
  4. Shedley

    Laggy PCLink software

    Or Nvidia i got both listed in manage devices
  5. Shedley

    knocklink light g4

    Hello Ahmed Above the headers seems no good place to me, because there's a good chance that temperatures wil get to high, and wiring or knock sensor itself is gonna melt, imho. My experience is, that the best placement of the sensor is on the intake side, as close as possible to the center of the block.
  6. Shedley

    BMW M54 Dual Vanos Wiring

    Normally, there's only 1 sensor/CAM, so that means 1 inlet and 1 exhaust cam sensor Attached a wiring diagram. I got some wiring diagrams for the solenoids as well, but not on this pc So if you need them just give me a shout
  7. Shedley

    Innovate wideband with Link G4+

    Hello Graham The innovate LC 2 works fine in conjunction with a link ecu, but you need an XS loom to connect it to the ecu, out of my head. Just want to say, maybe it's not a bad thought to consider the link ecu can lambda, as this ones is communicating via CAN with the ecu, which means it responds much quicker, and if the sensor fails, it will be told to the ecu and the closed loop will be disabled .
  8. Shedley

    Laggy PCLink software

    I'm having the same problem lately as JMP, I thought it is an Intel graphic card as well
  9. Shedley

    Slow reacting

    I have to say, lately i'm having some issues to. but only when i just connect to the ecu. SO i put in the usb cable, press F3 and then i have to wait lets say 2 minutes, before everything stabilizes en stops freezing, after this, everything works flawlessly
  10. Shedley

    knock detection device

    Do you have a link of your earbuds?
  11. Shedley

    Z20let timing drift

    I mostly use the three channel items (on bmw S54 engines). But for a 4cil. Those will work fine
  12. Shedley

    Z20let timing drift

    I always use the bosch ignitors, or the link ecu items, wich are infact the same units ... only good results with it
  13. In terms off knock controll, with wasted spark you don’t have knock by cil. but the pnp mx5 ecu has no knock sensors connected out of the box. In terms of power, if you’re not having misfire problems ect,imho you will not have benifits. So i would go for option 1. If you heve problems later, you can still change it ...
  14. Shedley

    knock detection device

    Aah that’s what i tought would be the problem, i’ve thought on buying the earpods without the mic but i wasn’t shure. Thank you for the confirmation! Altough the headphone works nice but sometimes cars are to loud and you have to be realy focused to hear it.
  15. Shedley

    knock detection device

    Has someone been able to use apple earpods with the knockblock g4+? if i use my iphone earpods i get no sound, but with my amplified peltor it works