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  1. windows 10 tablet . B4 and after .thanks for the awesome Link software.
  2. Hello guys I have a question here the new Atom have 4x aux out put and I want to know if the atom have the option for the vtec solenoid to sent a 12v .or need to wire up a relay for vtec. To run a Honda VTEC solenoid directly from the ECU (without an additional relay), wire it to aux 5, 6, 7 or 8 and set the Drive Type to High Side
  3. thanks for the video Scott we have a race event this weekend will chk on the Afr on wot in the log what It show , I have not found any wiring issue.
  4. Ok Scott will dobble chk the voltage vs afr .the car is using the blue storm g4+ with the 6port connection in the front of the ecu.
  5. Liang the above settings are good start point the swoff delay i would set to 0 and for best results @ what rpm to turn the vvt on or of you need to chk that out on the dyno and make your choice base on you the result.
  6. Hello guys @ link ecu its Orlando Bello finally back on the forum. I have been trying the new aem wide band on a link g4+ecu with the latest firmware and there in the lamda1 input there is a aem xseries calibration i have used that .but i notice a big difference in the afr reading vs my dyno .i have use the 0-5v singal from the aem x series module and the module also require a sensor ground .the difference is like this under wot my dyno show 11.5afr and in my pc link log show 12.7afr .is there any thing i should look at any suggestion.i have not try aem x series module on the CAN network jet because im missing the CAN port connector on the link g4+ storm ecu.
  7. orlando bello

    Link G4 Atom

    Hi aim Orlando Bello and aim new on the forum and new with Link ecu's,going to start with to the Atom model the get going with the link ecu and softwear, my question is that i have just notice that the Atom dont have any 2step ora a 2step antilag build in ??? my first installation will be on a Toyota starlet with 4efte engine. Â
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