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  1. Will do Adam you might have a email can post any log on the forum any more as my attachment is full.
  2. Hello Adam got the car back at the shop and I have upload the map you have made the changes E-throttle so far been doing very well with out A/c with a/c on I have notice a bit of high idle but not when car is park but if you do a drive and come to a stop rpm stay around 1400rpm will take a wile be4 it go back to target idle .I have lower the a/c step but no luck jet.dont want to mes up the situation. As it only doing this with A/c on you think that can be fix .
  3. There is a co2 boost control topic on the forum the guy saying that he got it to work fine .have request more information but he never replied.
  4. orlando bello

    Link storm

    Hello guys I want to know If a link g4+ storm on a chevy ls1 engine will be able to run the single wire alternator as oem it's going strait to the pcm Gen terminals L.
  5. Hello Adam I can upload any more log or scoop my attachments is full.
  6. Hello guys I'm back on this topic because it's my second install with the monsoon g4x and have same trigger error issue this time with a 4age 20v 24+1 tooth dizzy.it only happen in idle .have try many threshold voltage and filter combination .even close the air gap of the trigger 1 .have install a g4+ storm for more than 5min in idle not trigger errors at all that only the g4x will shut Down when it captures trigger errors. Andy body else have this situation that is very frustrating. I do have one more monsoon g4x to install and aim 100% sure I will be running in same issue. Need to solve th
  7. orlando bello

    LINK G4x

    Hello Guys I have notice this situation when connect to laptop g4x it connect very fast ,but the software screen freezes for more than 1 min sometime ,its green on top but if you want to start scroll to the menu and layouts it nothing happen just froze every time you connect .any body experience this or could be my laptop.??
  8. Thanks Adam will start working on it.
  9. Adam witch pwm function in link ecu I need to use to work for this MIT module or how do I set it up in link ecu .thanks.
  10. Thanks for the info will try it out ,the fuel pump pull 10amp.after the rebuild.
  11. orlando bello

    Fan Module.

    Hello guys I have a MIT evo8 fan module .I want to know If I can use it to control my magnafuel 750 external fuel pump.i have it on a relay but those pump over heat very fast and .my idea is to let the fan module activate the fuel pump on a lower speed and under condition good on high speed. Link g4+ extreme ecu.
  12. orlando bello

    G4x atomx

    Latest firmware release last week.
  13. orlando bello

    G4x atomx

    Have not downloaded the map yet but those Errors I dont have but the latest firmware will take care of those error code.
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