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  1. I think i have it sorted, using the cam test procedure i have come up with a 586 degree offset and the errors have ceased. I will jump back on the car in the morning and update its progress.
  2. In the F12 Sync screen it is alternating between OK and sync error.
  3. I have a R34 with HKS v-cam in atm and it uses a 2 wire toyota magnetic cam sensor in the rocker cover to track cam timing, i cannot  get it to sync properly, i keep getting sync errors. Cam has 3 teeth. Any suggestions? It is wired up with one wire to sensor ground and the other to digital input one with VVTi sensor selected, the actual cam solenoid seems to be working when i test it. i have set the air gap on all 3 teeth (even 120 degree spacing) to manufacturer specs but cannot stop the trigger errors, i have tried the suggested 231 offset (toyota 1jz offset) without luck. The sensor seems is fine as i can change the Di1 input to shaft speed and read it in engine RPM or change it to speed and get a speed reading.
  4. Does it still require a pull up resistor to 5v? doing one atm.
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