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  1. Josh Burt

    On-board scope

    Thanks for the clarification. Odd, I would think if you had to pick between having the oscope feature in a plug-in or wire-in ecu, it would go in the wire-in ecu. This is due to the wire-in applications generally having to do more troubleshooting in the initial setup than a plug-in user. So basically other than minor software variations, there is no difference between a wire-in Silvertop Extreme and a V88? Â
  2. Josh Burt

    On-board scope

    That's nice, when I was tossing around getting a Link or Vipec, one of your USÂ Distributors said the only difference between the two was Link had more "US support". Are there any other features the V88 has that the Xtreme doesn't?
  3. I'm assuming knock control is disabled if you do not allocate any tables to each cylinder. It would be cool if you could allocate no tables to each cylinder, and just have short term individual cylinder knock control. In other words if it sees knock in a cylinder it will attack that cylinder until there is no knock, then ramp spark back in with no long term knock retard storage (kind of how it does it now but without using tables to store the knock retard values). I'm assuming this can't be done with how the current software is written but I figured I would post and ask.  Just looking for a way to justify purchasing a knockblock.
  4. This install is on a non WRX vehicle. I did make sure my injector duty setpoints were pushed out of the way and the pump still runs at full duty cycle after startup for 30sec. It is acting like it is hardcoded like Dave said, thanks for the info!
  5. Mine does the same thing, I have made it a habit to key off and back on after storing a new map. Still scares me, I'm waiting for the day I forget to key off/on...
  6. Just finished fitting the WRX one, so far so good. It seems the WRX community runs high flow pumps off of their factory controller without issue so I'll give it a try. Â Also this unit is a 3 speed controller.
  7. I just installed a WRX fuel pump controller in my vehicle to control an Aeromotive 340lph pump as the pump was overpowering my fpr at full flow during idle. Â So far this setup is working as expected except for one thing. Â After my startups the Link ECU is commanding the fuel pump controller to run the pump at full speed for about 30sec. Then it responds normally. Is this on purpose? Is there a way to disable that? Â Thanks
  8. I just installed an Aeromotive 340lph pump in my vehicle. It is overpowering my fpr so I'm looking into picking up a pwm fuel pump controller. I see the Link software supports the WRX controller which has 3 speeds which should work out real nice for me. I am just worried about the controller being able to handle the increased amperage of this pump. Any thoughts? Thanks Â
  9. Josh Burt

    More Tables

    Not to pile on, but I am about to be in the same situation. I really want to pick up a knockblock and utilize individual cylinder knock correction. I also would like to run an E85 sensor which will need 4d fuel/spark maps. Can't do both together though
  10. I am also running an M52 2.8L, I am running a CDI ignition so dwell setup isn't needed. I have heard the correct way to determine coil dwell is to use an oscope to see how long it takes the coil to charge, though I have never done that. Â O2 sensor wise, I would ditch the narrowbands and either run a single wideband that reads all 6 cylinders or put a wideband in each bank. I am running a turbo and have a single wideband post turbo.
  11. I have my maximum knock retard cal set to 5deg. It works on all cylinder except for Cyl2. For whatever reason that is pulling as much as 8.4deg. Running the latest firmware.
  12. With the old V2 code we had a table where we could define the gain based on afr error, now we just have a single value. We also had a fuel correction rate table based on rpm (I really miss this one). Now all I have is a single gain value. I am failing to see how this is "much improved" can you explain?
  13. In an older firmware we had this option, somewhere along the way it dissapeared but is still in the help section. I miss having the closed loop control rate table. Without it I either get a loopy idle and good high rpm correction, or a smooth idle with a lazy high rpm correction. Â I'll "fix" it in the meantime by just going open loop at upper rpms... Â Are there plans on bringing this feature back?
  14. FYI, controlling only 2 of 4 cams isn't a necessarily bad thing. In all of the setups I have seen thus far, when you are not controlling the cams (0% duty cycle to the solenoid) the cams sit at lockpin. Â Now what is the advantage of advancing cams? Exhaust Cam: EGR for better emissions, and there is an argument that you can get a little bit of faster turbo spool but from my experience it is negligable. Intake Cam: Power! Especially midrange. Â In summary controlling only 2 cams isn't necessarily a bad thing. I would leave the exhaust cams alone (no control) and just control the phasing of the intake cams. Or yes you can drop another $5k or so on a Motec and phase your exhaust cams during cruising to be nicer to the environment I personally would not.
  15. I figured I would give an update. I am running the G4 with internal detection with a microphone mounted in the engine bay ran into my stereo to listen for actual pings. The G4 seems to do a good job of detecting knock but if I induce it on a single cylinder (ie. have a very conservative base spark map and add 10deg to a single cylinder), it detects it on all cylinders. I know Motec ecus have the same problem which is where their digital box comes in which does a great job of individual cylinder detection, I'm guessing the same applies here. Â Down the road I'll probably pick up a knockblock to really push the limits.
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