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  1. My mistake , don't pay attemtion ! The percentage is to do the math based on the cell value.Â
  2. Im running PCLink G4 V4.9.8.1540 (18-04-13) and whenever im trying to add a percentage correction in any correction map it rejects my input and return 0.0 Let say im trying to add 10% fuel in a fuel correction cell  ' type  +10%  , press enter , returns 0.0' Thanks in advanceÂ
  3. I have an sr20det plug in and i cant  because if you want to use Neutral position and aircontition then there is only 1 Digital input left to use........... So you can only have 1 switch to change your map form let say 98 to 100 octane hi low boost launch control etc ... But what i know is that on the expansion cable that i have there are 2 wires that are not in use ( probably for future use ) so , if the guys in link want , they can make em DI inputs
  4. Thank you im waiting for this ! I want to add that this problem is irrelevant of the PC Link software Version because i had this problem even Since 4.5 firmware if i remember right , till the latest 4.8 If it happens again i will upload the faulty log so you can have more to investigate.
  5. Other than that the 3d map plus the Color Map ( shortcut key H ) are features that help you to find problematic cells like those that i describe , Holes and spikes with abnormal values compered to the surrounding cells .
  6. If you take a closer look you going to see that the surrounding cells of the trouble one cell ( hole ) have much bigger values than in the smoothed one .  Imagine that you have 2 cells let say 3000 rpm and 3500 at a random engine load    and you are holding the engine exactly between those 2 cells at 3250       let say that your cell 3000 have a fuel value 50 and the 3500  55  this is going to result in the same afr if the values was exactly the opposite ( cell 3000 value = 55  cell 3500 value = 50 )  because in both ways the fuel value for the 3250 cell going to be 52.5 .  And by stressing the injectors i dont mean that you going to blow them but it is much easier and most responsive for an injector to make small changes than constant big jumps back and forth.  And lastly you can say by looking any map from every tuner that the tune is "nice" if you see a smooth 3d map  in other way if you are looking at big spikes and holes with the numbers to be all over the place then there is something really not going on right . Â
  7. Anthony mcgrath as a rule of thumb for every 100 ps ( horsepower ) above the stock you have to use one grade colder sparkplugs than what the car had stock . What you describe looks like that your plugs cant handle the stress of extra pressure - heat or what Jurgen said . You can find a type of plugs that is Platinum + Iridium and have the nice longevity because of platinum plus the nice spark cause of iridium =) Stay away from cheap plugs
  8. This is irrelevant but please give us an edit option to be able to correct those embarassing typos .
  9. Here is the same log from my dropbox folder in case you have problem with rapidshare  http://dl.dropbox.com/u/24436243/run.llg
  10. 1 in 5 times that i log a quite bit log file ( about 20 min or more ) i found that the log file dont have almost any value or have same wacky value that may was part of the real log or not part at all ( random numbers ) . After the logging when I'm going to the log manager to save the log I'm almost sure that the log is corrupted when I see a SOL number like 1443:0....... etc  . Today I lost a ton of fuel doing 4 gears pull to the rpm limit using different boost levels to fine tune my map .. and my gift was one of those logs that I told before. I'm attaching the log so that you may investigate what is really happening , and all this precious time and money goes bye bye  ( I'm logging the default parameters in 20hz and I don't know if its a problem but i have both wideband 1 and an volt 6 (wideband) selected to the log parameters . I guess its ok )  https://rapidshare.com/files/1995440842/run.llg  Thank you
  11. In case you are confused im attaching a photo with a part of a fuel map , that in both cases will result in same AFR's but the first have a nice hole and the second is the result of smoothing .  The real thing behind a very smooth map and a "bumpy" one is that you dont "stress" the injectors to make huge changes to their pusle in fractions of a second .....     Engines are linear "devices" and love to work like this =)
  12. I love the "new" features of interpolate extrapolate etc, but i think what is really missing from PC link is a feature that will Smooth the fuel map after tuning to eliminate "spikes" and "holes" as there is in other Ecu software. The smoothing feature have to be clever and if there is a spike ( a cell with much higher value that the surrounding cells ) lower the value to this cell and give the surrounding cells a bigger one that will have the same results at AFR's but with a nice looking smooth 3d map .  This may be tricky as one spike fix may result into a new spike or hole , but i think that Ashley mathematics gonna do the job just right =) , or simple if someone notice a spike after the first smoothing procedure ( Easy to see if you enable the color mode Key = H ) can run "smooth" one more time. Even if you use quicktune and tune the map column by column those spikes and hole exist and the only way to fight them is by hand . Some ppl may say "If it is running the right AFR why do you care ?" but im not like this because a smooth map is always nice and easy to modify later if you are making changes to the motor or the tune . I really hope for this one Â
  13. There used to be 3 modes for the Closed loop lamda as there are described in the Link manual . At the last update that i did i can only found : 1 : Stoich 2 : Auto  where did WB Closed Loop - In WB Closed Loop mode CLL continually compares the value in the AFR Target Table and the measured AFR from a wideband oxygen sensor controller wired to an Analog Volt channel. Fuel is progressively trimmed in an attempt to match measured AFR with target AFR. · WB Closed Loop Mode 2 - In WB Closed Loop Mode 2 CLL continually compares the value in the AFR Target Table and the measured AFR from a wideband oxygen sensor controller wired to an Analog Volt channel. Fueling is trimmed by a calculated amount using a closed loop control algorithm to match measured AFR with target AFR.  go ?
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