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  1. Looking to actuate a couple of 2A solenoids with the CAM Solenoid function on Ignition outputs 3 and 4. Â Just double checking the amperage rating on these two outputs to make sure I'm not going to burn something up. Â Thanks.
  2. My clients want to log a second RPM for a helicopter rotor. Â We are using a simple sensor that sends a 12v pulse with each rotation. Since there is no RPM function in the DI menu, I'm thinking of using the Speed function and setting the calibration modifier to represent the proper RPM. Is this a good way to solve this? Â If so, what is the right value to put in the modifier? I have a sneaking suspicion that I'm wrong, however. Â Any ideas?
  3. I'm on location at a client's business trying to help them get their Storm G4 mapped. There has been a long list of problems, but I am stuck on this one. My distributor sounded a little stumped too. When I turn on either (separately) the internal MAP sensor on AN V channel 5 or an external sensor (currently on channel 2) the MGP readout pegs to -99kPa. I have reinstalled the updated firmware and restored the ECU to factory settings. The external sensor (a 3bar Delco) will sweep the voltage fine. The internal MAP sensor runtime value sits at 4.78v and doesn't move. Could this be an indication of a faulty unit? Or could I have missed something in setup? This is my 7th Link setup procedure with the first occurrence of this problem. Thank you for your help!
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