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  1. See attached picture . It does have a factory map sensor labeled "boost sensor" which factory is only referencing boost pressure no vacuum ... But as it says when using a link g4+ plug in it works as a map sensor if plumbing to the plenum so it sees vacuum and boost . if no one knows (surely someone has upgraded the map sensor before) I'll just have to trace wires Cheers in advance
  2. Hey have a customers car here running a grey plug g4+ plug in. Using the factory Hitachi map sensor (ps66-01) Doing upgrades at the moment and one is upgrading the map sensor. Which is fine except no where on the net can I find a pin out for the standard map sensor If anyone can shed some light on which wires which on the stock map that would be amazing f Cheers
  3. hello again i have searched everywhere but i cant find what size the internal map sensor is on my g4 atom (silver case) am about to go for retune so wanting to know if i need to get an external map sensor or not cheers brad
  4. Brad Foreman

    NGTT+ questions

    Hey guys just got a link g4+ plug in grey plug for rb25det for a customers car opened it up and noticed it doesn’t have an internal map sensor if I get an external map sensor can I wire it to one of the factory wires without using an XS LOOM ? also wiring the boost solenoid can I feed the solenoid a fused 12v and the other wire to the factory loom to the factory boost solenoid wire ? any help appreciated
  5. Sweet as will do next time I'm down there
  6. Sorry for confusion . Cars not where I am and there' no Wi-Fi down there . That's the tune I took down and from there I did eccs sync and tps calibration and got the car going After I did the eccs sync it came up wirh 24 by itself
  7. Ahh yes after this I did the sync and it's 24 sorry cab send an updated file if need be
  8. Cam timing is spot on I have checked coil wiring after this happened and coils are paired correctly No trigger errors . When performing the cas sync everything was fine No errors at all come up Base timing I could check that but when running and watching timing map the timing is stable its not all over the show bradstartup.pcl
  9. I might be wrong but the tune came off a car running same motor and ecu and he had his cas in the middle so having mine in the middle give or take a few degree out it should still run without antilag back fires ?? Should I have the injection set to sequential ? Or batch ?
  10. forgot to add it seems the banging seems to get worse when hot .
  11. Hi guys Just tonight finally got to the point of starting my car and yay it started. So before it started I did the cas calibration etc and tps. It fired up yay Sounds like a Subaru . Smells like gas and bangs like a launch controller on idle So I have checked injector pulse . Have checked firing order Have checked coil pulse and firing order Now where i think the issue lies is I have it wired to semi sequential . I have the injector drivers wired like so Inj1 - #1 and #5 Inj2 - #2 and #4 Inj3 - #3 and #6 Car has link g4 atom R35 gtr injectors Don't think the resr will matter I have the firing order correct under the configuration Where i am stumped is i red on an old post that the injection timing with semi sequential should be set to 720. I tried 720. 540. 390 and even 0 and it still runs the same I don' have a wideband (I just want to make sure it runs so I can take it for a tune) but I pulled plugs and they'e black as . So I dropped master fuel from 11 to 9 and it was too lean it woukd starve if u push the throttle Leads me to think it's something to do with injector timing but it really has be fucked tbh. Any help would be much appreciated . I can upload videos or the tune file if need be If it can't be solved I might wire it to be batch fire I'm currently using a tune off a friend who was wired using batch fire Cheers in advance
  12. Hey guys I have a link g4 atom . A friend has the same engine setup as me and a link g4+ atom . I want to use his tune to get my car running before i take it to the dyno Problem is the link g4 software won' open the .pclr file which I assume is g4+ file Is there any way I can convert the file (I tried renaming it .pcl with no success) Or do i need to get the g4+ software . Open it and copy everything over Thanks in advance
  13. Hi I just got my hands on a link plus g2 which the tuner said it had g3 firmware on it I was wondering if I can display everything on a tablet? I've done a search and nothing comes up for older links just g4 Can I wire extra sensors (oil pressure/oil temp) and display them as well as boost and water temp If I can't use a tablet is there any way I can display the information Thanks
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