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  1. Hi Alex. Both Link ECU's will work great. The plug n play will be quicker to fit but not have as man configurable out puts as the Extreme. They will both work fine with the factory CAS and splitfire coils one thing you will have to do is change the internal map to an external map if you want to run over 22psi. Regards
  2. Previously Jonathan wrote: Hi there, wondering if anyone here has any experience with fitting the G4 plugin ECU to a Mazda Familia BPT? I'm looking for an aftermarket ecus to gain more power our of my otherwise stock BPT which has an upgraded intercooler off a Supra turbo, 3.0 inch exhaust and the usual air filter. Not looking to upgrade turbo/injectors/fuel supply at this stage (have walbro pump already), but potentially might later down the track. Hoping to gain at least 30 odd KWs at the wheels on a mild 'everyday driver' tune whilst keeping good fuel economy. This will be on a laser FWD conversion. Any dyno curves available with a Mazda BPT tuned with a G4 ECU (or any other Link ecus)? Any Link tuners in Adelaide? Cheers Hi Jonathan I have a dyno sheet for an Astina with a BP engine and 2.5' exhaust and 325hp turbo with a Link G3 ECU. Please send me your email address and I will send it to you. info@dynolink.com.au Regards, Vern
  3. hi brian looking at the pcl file it looks like the tps and map have not been calibrated therefore idle rootines will not start and of coarse the engine will stall.
  4. G4 plug in Link ECU and an air temp sensor would work well in your vehicle. If you are in Australia, please contact Dynolink info@dynolink.com.au
  5. Previously Pierre Brizzell wrote: Looking for some suggestions. I've got a VQ35 in a jetboat on a G4 storm. It was tuned by an authorised link agent. The problem.... When it has been run for a while (fully up to temp) if I turn it off for around 3-5 mins and try to start it it is hard to start. I have to jandel it and crank for ages and it eventually catches. Cold start great. Starts fine if I wait 20mins or more. Starts fine if I turn of and start again immediately. problem appears to be only when left for short period. The supplier has said play around with crank enrichment which I have done but hardly notice any difference. Agent knows how to charge and doesn't seem to be coming up with useful suggestions. I don't really know what I'm doing and trial and error is not working. Anyone got any suggestions. I'd love to know whats happening and make some intelligent attempt at resolution. If you can, could you please send me your .pcl file and I would be happy to look at it for you. info@dynolink.com.au
  6. Previously chris briggs wrote: Lately I have gotten my engine running. It's a ez30r and it's nice and smooth, but I am in the final process of tuning, etc and I am stumped on the ethrottle idle control along with the overrun fuel cut off. I switch to ethrottle idle control and the engine shoots up idle then back down...definitely a fuel overun cutoff problem. If I use closed looped lamb idle control it's fine, well kinda. I just would like to know what settings are commonly used with an electronic throttle and the idle and over run settings.... Thankyou. If you can email your pcl file, I willl have a look at it for you. info@dynolink.com.au
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