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  1. Also do you have 60-2 sub-boards? I'd like to get two of these as well. Thanks.
  2. Ah, that's perfect. How much are these reluctor sub-boards? Part#? And may I stop by and pick up two of these? Thank you.
  3. I also have a circuit ready that will convert G & NE into 5v square-wave signal if that's something the G1 can accept. Thanks. Â
  4. Reviewing the G1 v4 manual, I found this section: 6.3.2 Trigger & Hardware Requirements Cylinder Pulse For the correct timing of ignition, the crank or cam sensor MUST provide a signal that can be decoded to produce one pulse per engine TDC. On a 4-cylinder engine for example, this is 2 TDC pulses per crankshaft revolution (4 per Camshaft revolution) and an 8-cylinder engine will have 4 TDC per crankshaft revolution (8 per camshaft revolution) Sync Pulse To determine the correct firing sequence, a sync pulse is required as a reference to determine engine position. The sync pulse can only appear once on the crankshaft (1 signal per engine revolution) or once on the camshaft (1 signal per engine cycle). Here is the G and NE trigger signals from the cam-driven distributor. NE satisfies Cylinder Pulse 4 per Camshaft revolution requirement and G satisfies Sync Pulse once on the camshaft (1 signal per engine cycle) requirement. Which sub-board would be needed for this configuration? Would you be able to release technical-details on the sub-board functions or schematics? I would be able to build a sub-board if I'm not successful in finding one from one of your dealers. Thank you.
  5. I have a couple of old G1 v4 ECUs. Wondering what sub-board is needed to work with the distributor triggering on Toyota 4A-FE or 7A-FE engines? These are newer than 4A-GE and have no crank-trigger. Everything runs off the distributor. Thanks.
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