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  1. thank you all! I just wondered because Toyota Shield their o2 wires,.. thank you ! so no shielding requiered!
  2. HI, I have some Questions regarding the LSU 4.9 Wiring into my thunder. 1st - How much current is drawn by the heater ? ( for Fuse and wiresize ) 2nd - which wires should be shielded? at least the 5V Signal wire should be shielded, Right ? which one is it ? Have all to be shielded beside the heater? If yes, can all be run within the same Shielded cable ? 4 Wires in a cable where ALL wires are shielded together - not every single one - but all together. … thank you .. Bosch LSU 4.9 pin Wire co
  3. hi, does anyone know how much current the LS3 Throttlebody ( DBW ) draws? I just want to be sure About the wiring size,... thank you
  4. Thank you Richard, So the 5V wires do not need to be spliced together? Only the Signal wires ? That´d be cool. Thank you
  5. Hi, I have a Oilpressure / Oiltemperature Gauge including sensors. Both run 5V. Each Gauge runs 5V to its Sensor and gets the Voltage back to display the Temperature or Pressure. Is there a way to get these Signals to be used for the LINK Thunder? How do i wire it ? I think it should be possible but which Wires have to be connected to the link,... Sensor ground to Gauge Sensor ground And Signal wire to the Gauge and ECU? I do not want to frie anything,... hope someone can tell. THX
  6. Thank you Adam, So 14V from the switched Output of the main relay which Feeds the Ignition coil relay! Thanks!
  7. HI, I am wiring my Thunder right now with the Hold Power High side wiring and i have question regarding the E-Throttle +14V for the E-Throttle Relay. In The help file ECU hold power wiring it is mentioned " See E-Throttle wiring if using E-Throttle " In the generic internal E-Throttle Wiring it is mentioned "+14Vin "Note: Run from Main Relay, or if using ECU Hold Power ( in my case this Counts ) use ECU RELAY" There is NO ECU RELAY mentioned in the ECU Hold Power Help file,... there is only a Main Relay which Feeds the ECU +14V and the ignition coil Relay,...
  8. Hey, i got a Thunder ECU and i want to use the AEM UEGO X Series for the Wideband over Can to the Ecu . The Ecu has 2 K-Type EGT Inputs and 2 Wideband Inputs .. is there a Chance to use the Wideband Inputs for 2 extra K-Type EGT Sensors? I will be using 4 EGT K-Type Sensors and i thought maybe i can Switch the Wideband Inputs to K-Type ? But i guess it´s not possible - right ? Otherwise i have to buy a EGT Can Interface to get the Signals to the Ecu - but if i can use the Wideband Inputs there would be no Need of the Interface,.... Thank you
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