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  1. Hi Adam, We haven't brought the ECU yet so my guess it will be a G4X, he does need 2 by DBW, it has ITB . Also do you have a preference for which model ECU Adam, I personally run all Thunder which aren't out in G4X yet I think.
  2. Hi all, A mate is building a Lola T70 replica with a LS engine, suggested he use a Link ECU, does anyone have a Map for a LS or know were we can get one please. Tony
  3. I would really appreciate it if some one could explain to me how the AVCS is controlled on the Subaru EJ engines. The engine has AVCS on the intake only I currently have it turned off. It is my understanding which maybe wrong that when off the cam will be fixed in one center position. I assume that when the Link is set up I can retard or advance the cam 10 degree each way. If so how is this done? The ECU is a G4+ Thunder. The Cams are from a WRX and have 3 groves for the sensor to pick up.
  4. Did you set up Fan 1 & 2 in the Aux Outputs, when you do you need to make sure both are set to "Low"
  5. Anthony Parle


    Can I control the DBW throttle from a laptop using PC Link? The engine is a Subaru EJ DOHC and thunder G4+, engine runs with foot peddle just like to control from the lab. I could wire in a different peddle but I was thinking there may be easier ways.
  6. Okay will do, understand the logic as to why. Thanks again for your help
  7. Also its "Falling", the rpm was hunting with "Rising" I will also reset the pins and the ECU plug and offset trigger by 360 degree in Clibrate
  8. All Sorted we have a running engine. Because its a flat 4 cylinder 1 and 2, 3 and 4 are 360 degree opposite so I swapped the pins on the ECU plug. Next thing you know she is firing took a while to get rid of the gut of fuel but once clear it fired up on all cylinder and I now have it idling so I can do a tune. I assume I will need to adjust the injector time by 360 degree? Thanks for your help Adam, I feel sorrow asking for help.
  9. Any chance we are a full 360 degree out Adam? I can't get it to fire when I crank but if I turn on one of the coils in test and give the engine a short crank I will get the engine to fire.
  10. Sorry Adam forgot to answer, the motor is coil on plug and DBW throttle so reasonable later EJ20.
  11. Okay done and the rpm is acting normal and calibration is doing the correct thing as well , I haven't been able to get it to fire during cranking, if when its stopped I do a spark check it will sometimes fire. It maybe a wiring problem which I will check. Have attached the latest log file, Log 2020-08-22 8;51;32 am.llg
  12. Attached, Tune (bear in mind can't get car to start so not tunned) Log File, Video of computer during test start. Log 2020-08-22 6;48;15 am.llg 5mpreza DOHC 200822 Ver 1.pclr
  13. Any preference on what you want logged and at what rate Adam?
  14. I have some sort of issue as the calibration change doesn't exactly relate to what I see on the timing light. I maybe assuming incorrectly that a change of 10 degree on the Calibration setup will cause a change of 10 on the crank but it seems to cause a change of 20 degree but its not so simple, it appears that it will move a different amount depending on were it is on the tooth. Pretty sure I can't get it to run this way but I will experiment with it a bit more and see. Any idea's would be appreciated.
  15. Its Okay Adam, as long as I can get the engine to run stable (Still working on, had to enter -30 degree in the calibration) I will be swapping out the cams for ones with 3 slots from Josh at Kelfords in the next round of testing.
  16. Pretty sure I have figured it out will post my understanding later and see if its correct.
  17. On the Subaru EJ20 NA motor from around the 2010 period it has 2 groves on the cam as opposed to the 3 that the turbo motors have as can be confirmed by the scope trace. With your help Adam we got that sorted my question do you think the work around will allow me to still use the AVCS and is there anywhere that I can read about how the Link Thunder would manage the solenoids to control it? Purple is the spark on cylinder 1, yellow is crank and blue cam as you can see it has two groves not 3 as we expected.
  18. Hi Adam, Sorry I misunderstood you, okay so I just gave it a try and the engine is now firing, I think I may need to get rid of the excess fuel from the past attempts and it should be good to go. I also did some checks I have a number of EJ20 NA engine with AVCS only on the intake, all have 2 slots on the intake cam. I also have a number of turbo EJ25 and they have 3 slots on the intake cam. i will discuss with Josh tomorrow at Kelfords as we have some R&D cams beng made. Thanks Adam, your service and support is the reason I buy so many Link ECU and tell everyone tha
  19. Here is the ECU program in case I got something wrong in the set up. 5mpreza DOHC 200815 Ver 3.pclr
  20. Hi Adam, I removed the plug and put a led on the injector plug and videoed it, I also checked for trigger error and it said 1. Here is a link tot he video have no idea if it will help or not. https://youtu.be/0t2nKkedILk
  21. Chris is the Polarity set LOW, if its high just click on it and select LOW. You should see the fan turn off, then store the change.
  22. Adam I have checked the timing and its correct unless I am a full 360 degree out. When you guys say the Trigger 1 is fitted to left band, I assume the left bank is the one on the passenger side and you are not talking about it when you are in front of the car?
  23. Hi Adam, I got that problem sorted it was a problem with the 12 v supply, which leads to a question, I am using solid state relays on 4 function because I use this engine for R&D into exhaust pipe using pressure transducers plotting pressure waves etc. I have the 4 relays connected to DI 11 - 14. I turn them on by pulling to ground. They are for Cam sensor 12 v, Coils 12 v, Injectors 12 V & 12V for the DBW. Would there be any issue doing it that way. Also here is a further trace after sorting supply, I can't seem to get a longer one am I doing something wrong? Will see i
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