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  1. Hi, This is not a typo but will your O2 read as lean as Lambda 2 or even 2.4 on the Link Thunder ECU's and with the logging software. Sorry for the dumb question but its a HCCI engine running at Lambda 2 - 2.5. Tony
  2. Thanks Adam, I did watch part of the course just haven't had time to finish. Also was a bit confused about his point on what frequency to set the knock sensors.
  3. I am not sure if this will work but figure its worth asking, if I log the sensors with the table data set at zero but engine timing pulled back then I get a base line noise for the different rpm. Export that fire then use excel to compile a table for all the different set point required then load this up back into the ECU so the adjustments can be done if the engine knocks. Will this work?
  4. Anthony Parle

    Knock Logging

    I have a G4+ Thunder Do I turn on the Global Knock to log and am I correct that each knock sensor I have two is not logged seperatly?
  5. Thanks Brad I will give it a go
  6. A couple of question re setting up Knock, The ECU is a Thunder, the engine is a Subaru 6 cylinder with two Link Knock sender mount one on each bank. Is the 13 khz narrow band the right setting for the Link Knock senders Is 5,000 rpm the best maximum setting rpm they can work accurately?
  7. Thanks Adam, your a good man your worth more money
  8. I want to take the 0 - 5V output from my dyno and use the G4+ to log it as I tune which is no big deal. The bit I wanted to do that I can't figure out, is it possible to get a X Y graph to appear on the tuning page or for me to be able to have the fuel and timing table on the log Tab so I can adjust them based on what I see on the graph. The reason I would prefer the graph then say a gauge is because of the ability to look at the change over time. The other option is it possible to run the software on two computer screens with two Tabs open at once?
  9. This may sound strange but I am using a Subaru EG33 on a dyno but have killed off 3 cylinders by removing the rods and pistons. As a result I only have the right bank operational which means I don't need the left operational. At this point I have the injectors and coils unplugged but I wonder if there is not a better way and turn them off in the ECU. Its a Link G4+ Thunder. Here is a video of it running.
  10. Hi Adam, Thanks for that, I am pretty sure I can get the signal stable as it all to do with the size of the header that connects all the throttles together, the bigger the header pipe they all pull from the less the possible fluctuation. Tony
  11. I am using a G4+ Thunder for some R&D on slide throttles, doing some testing on the correct intake air velocity to acheive maximum cylinder fill. They are not for a road car just for research and so are controlled by two model servo's as such don't have a TPS. I do have a MAP sensors and RPM input. The testing only involves idle and full throttle. Iwas just goign to use a standard fuel and timing table using MAP & RPM as the axis's I assume that I can get the engine to run and just won't have acceleration enrichment, is that correct?
  12. Thanks Adam, I figured you guys would have a way.
  13. Anthony Parle

    Locking Layout

    I was wondering is there a way that I can create a layout and save it but for the saved version to be locked. The problem I find is that I may have a preferred layout with Logging and then during the review I may change a few things in the layout when I close it it over writes the old layout. The only only way I find around this is to have two versions, a master and a copy, open the master then do a save to the copy before I start doing any changes so when I close the program it only writes over the copy and not the original. Tony
  14. Hi Adam, Can you accept all the changes to the Mixture Map suggested or only on a cell by cell? Tony
  15. I have been thinking, does the speed rate of the logging effect then accuracy of the map. Given that one of the options is the number of times the reading was taken in a cell (Minimum Sample)?
  16. When I fix the engine I will try see if I can cause the problem and then come back to you.
  17. Hi Adam, Your changing the ECU logging, try it changing the say the fuel map on the computer then load it back on the ECU don't touch the ECU logging file at all. Soon as I get the car running again I will experiment to track down the issue. Tony
  18. Hi Adam, I will email the files to you later today when I get to that laptop. On the other issue yes. So save a copy of the program from the ECU to the computer with the ECU logging set up to work etc. Disconnect from the ECU and turn it off, make some change to the program on the computer. Turn the ECU on a log onto it then up load the changed program from the computer, disconnect computer power down the ECU then power up now the ECU logging will no longer work. (as I say I suspect this is what is turning it off all the time on me)
  19. I managed to get the Mixture Map to work when I did it from the laptop direct plugged so it logged but I also had totally no luck getting it to run form the ECU logged file. What way do you get it to work off the ECU log file. Also I may have noticed an other problem with ECU log. If I dod a change to the Config file on the laptop then connect to the ECU and down load the file to the ECU it seems that the ECU file is turned off. You must be plugged into the ECU and open ECU set up log then save the changes to the ecu and it starts working again. I can't double check this is the case as I blew the motor today at the track. When I get the car running again I will try to see if I am correct.
  20. Dam you guys make it to easy for us beginner tuners. Thanks Adam Edit Do I understand you can't do it from the ecu Logging must have a PC plugged into the ECU?
  21. Anthony Parle

    Road tune AFR

    I have a G4+ Thunder is there a way that I can sort out the fuel map on a road tune. I thought there was a self learning in the ECU but I can't seem to find out about it. Can someone direct me to it? Thanks
  22. That sounds like a plan Adam, I will give it a try, I used one on my engine dyno to drive the throttle.
  23. Hi Brad, No, my engine is a EG33 no valve I also have machined the centre out of the manifold and fitted twin snorkles. Now I am working on a set of individual throttle bodies and as part of that I will either adjust there length as revs change or use a new idea on each cylinder. Do you know if on the Thunder I could install it on a 4 cylinder and have two different injector timing maps etc. I could use the first 4 for the actual injectors and the last 4 to control the valves on each head? Thanks for your help.
  24. I have two concepts in mind, One is just a 1 shoot Solenoid but would need to occur at the same time in relation to the piston and intake, Just not sure how I could do that unless I use the injector timing and run them batch unless you guys can tell me how I can do it. The second I would guess would be a DC motor but I need some way to feed back as Brad mentioned.
  25. Hi Guys, I am open to the best way to do it, I am using one PWM on the idle (if I understand correctly) its a Subaru motor, so the other is spare so feed back would be good, Is there any other options?
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