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    "Home position" or "zero" for the intake cams is fully retarded against the mechanical stops.  Anytime the solenoid is not energized the cams will be at home (typically anything less than about 35% duty cycle).  Typically at idle and at high RPM they will be fully home.  Once you apply more than about 40% DC to the solenoid the cam will start to advance (More DC = advance faster).  I dont know what the max advance is on the EJ's but most engines from that era would allow 45-60deg advance (crank deg) from home position.    
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    The coils should always be wired ign 1 to cyl 1, ign 2 to cyl 2, etc.  Set the correct firing order in the software and then the only unknown you need to find yourself is the trigger offset.  
    This will then mean injector timing is correct, knock control will identify the correct cylinder and any individual cyl trims will work correctly.
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    Hi Adrian,
    I have spent about 5 minutes trying to think through this problem, be we maybe able to go in reverse, so instead of the LINK doing the brains work use a small PLC to fill the gape and have it tell the LINK what to do.
    For my current sequential control unit I installed a small box with a PLC and it took input from the Strain gauge and the gearbox rotary position indicator.  So its capable of ignoring Rev, Neutral and going up to 1'st.  It works by killing the spark at the moment and getting feed back as to when its in the next gear.  Pretty sure once we nutted out what the PLC would do and what the Link would do then we could replace the PLC with a small PIC.  In the end it would just be a case if you wanted a Paddle Shift option with a Link then you buy the extra board.  Just thinking for a second, if you are going to call the gear change then you don't need a strain gauge as its assumed when the change is done by the air cylinder.
    Here is a photo of the PLC in the box.

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