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  1. I have just fitted a M&W; cdi to my gtir pulsar and not quite sure if i have set the triggers up corectly. (running G4 plugin) I car starts and runs the problem is the fuel pump does not turn off after u turn the ignition off to accesarys. Trigger type is set to Opto/Hall and trigger edge is set to falling to match the CDI trigger mode set set to Nissan 360 Opto Trigger Any help would be much appricated
  2. Cheers for ur help cameron. Im very happy with the end result.
  3. Do u still have to run an igniter and balast resistor if u run a msd box?
  4. I have a plug in G4 in my GTI-R pulsar and im after some advice on setting up the ignition side of the tune. I have currently fitted a MSD 6a with a HVC-2 coil. Ive set the ignition mode as Distributor, A Falling Dwell Edge but im unsure what to set the Dwell Control and Ignition Delay at Any help will be much appricated
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