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  1. I had problems with the Crankshaft signal for a ferry long time now. because I could not find the problem, I pushed this problem a side for now and did something els an the car. but now I most solve this problem and final opent the ECU and I found the problem: on the ECU print plat I see a brunt resistor. I did make a picture off it. is there a dealer in The Netherlands that repairs ECUs ? with best regards, Gerwin from the Netherlands
  2. Hi Daniel, Â I have some workshop manuals Doc for a Celica: Gen5 Gen6 Gen7 Maybe this can help you? Gerwin
  3. O.. oke it is a shame, thanks for the reply. another Problem that i can't solve: How these the Tacho work form a subaru ? everytime when i crack the engine its shows that i have A trigger signal is present form the Crankshaft, but no RPM? i have connect my tacho on the Aux 3 (tacho) Tacho Duty cycle:20% and Multiplier: 1.0 checked earth, Crackshaftsensor is a new one so that it not: do i forget something?
  4. Hello, can someone Please check this. Thanks, GLaarman
  5. I using a loaded Base map for the Subaru and when i click Map sensor type, i can't find custom Cal in the list. i can choose only car brands names,Link Map Sensors and 1 GM 3bar sensor. what now?
  6. Another problem: This time its the map sensor> Map sensor calibration command failed: Map outside +/- 5 Kpa of baro and could not store zero correction. What does this mean? is my map sensor not correct, its a Bosch 0 280 002 845? Â
  7. It works, at first it the ECU wouldn't  connect to my PC Then I realize I forgotten to install the ECU Firmware software, I did the Install and update my ECU with Update firmware V1.9.2. after that I can connect my PC to the ECU. How dumb can I be to forget something like that. oh well now it works like a Charm. Thanks for your Support.
  8. hallo, i have a problem with de G2 ECU that i build in my Subaru Impreza 2L out The year 1997 When i switch the key in the ON position the led form the ECU wont come on,it only flashes for a second between ACC position and ON position. I checked: the 12V In from Pin 53 and the Signal ground from Pin 54, can't find any problems here. Can somebody give me a tip where i need to search now? with best regards, Gerwin from the Netherlands Â
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