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  1. Hey again, I got so happy about the rpm signal that I forgote my other question. Where do I activate the analog volt 7? I have the expansioncable.
  2. Hey,  problem solved, some wiseguy had changed the triggerwheel for the camshaft, just need to put the whole engine and electricalsystem together again and start it many thx again, awsome service as always Â
  3. I changed back to orginal ecu and ran mut-2 diagnos tool and it shows me a rpm of 219 when i crank the car, seemse like my problem is somwhere in the g4 ecu
  4. Hey! My name is Niclas and I bought a link g4 for my old evo 6 TME and got it mapped and all worked fine, then I sold that car but kept my link g4 and now I got my hands on a Evo 4 RS but I can't get it to work with that car and have run out of ideas, hopeing u can help me The problem I have is that I'm not getting any trigger values from the crank and cam sensor, I'm getting an 'signal ok' on both, I've tryed changeing the sensor with no luck, When I measure tho voltage on the sensors I'm getting a reading on 53mV and the second reading is on 4,98V so the sensor semse to work fine? the fuel pump runs every time I run the engine by hand(and on the starter) so there must be a signal but the rpm values I'm getting is between -5000rpm to 12500rpm when I crank the engine. If I disconect the cam sensor the rpm value stayes on 0 rpms. I've tryed running the starter on a secound battery to rule out interfarence. Do u guys have any ideas? Just for confirmations the crank sensor should be on pin 89 and cam on 88? can't find any options in pclink where I can confirme this? also I'm having trouble findning where I activate 'an volt7' (I got the exp cable) I have mailed the pcl file to you aswell. Sorry if the english is bad, I'm from Sweden. Many Thx, Niclas
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