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  1. I don't understand one thing My engine is 114 degrees TDC 114 degrees after the missing tooth Must put that number on "configuration folder" and "custom tdc points"? Or must put "OFF custom tdc points" ? What must to put in trigger calibration? The car don't start
  2. Here it is Two triggers works (green) when pressed F12 but now trigged 2 is disabled in configuration folder the car starts, but stop in several seconds (E-throttle config I presume) When try to engine don´t stop pressing foot pedal, error shows in screen 206 RC SC first.pclr
  3. Hi Dave trigger 1 is reluctor type (2 wires) trigger 2 is hall type (3 wires) 60 - 2 crank trigger 3 weird teeth cam (image) attach too a capture of a trigger scope
  4. Not listed (peugeot ew10j4s) Thanks Lets go try
  5. G4+ Fury 2.0 l 4 cylinder engine I'm noob ecu tuner I'm trying to learn I wired the car like oem (sequential, direct spark and vvt inlet cam) but is hard to start the engine without all info and skills Vvt cam sensor (trigger n°2) have unecual teeths, I prefer to start the engine in easy way Multipoint, wasted spark, only one trigger... What do you think? Any tip?
  6. Thanks Injectors paired too? Or only set " multipoint grupped" in pclink, and ecu do it the rest Can use my multi coil paired? Or better use wasted spark coil from other car
  7. Hello I'm wire the car like sequential injection and direct spark multicoil like oem engine management, but I need to test to work in multipoint injection and wasted spark multicoil for trigger 2 issues Must rewire for that test? Or only change in PCLink soft?
  8. Felix Garcia


    Thanks a lot! Very usefull info integrale8v Link staff, can share id channels config of Mini (speed sensors) to use the same CAN bus cable to abs and dash??
  9. Felix Garcia


    Hello, this is Felix from Barcelona, Spain I´m building a track day car with my oem abs module TEVES MK60 , no a lot of info from this ABS moduleI need pinout list (for identify CAN H CAN L and fault light)and a CAN ID for speed wheels sensors to send to LINK ECUAny one have that info?Thanks
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