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  1. Hallo! Yes its the latest 4.10.2. Do you want me to e-mail it to you? BR Peter
  2. Hallo! No that is not the problem, it doesnt mater what kind of switch I use or if I have it as a gp input or gear cut. so it must bee something else. BR Peter
  3. Hallo! I have been running my Storm for 2 summers now and I have had the same problem from the beginning and that is the gear cut. if you check the video I have attached. when I push the gear shift pedal the DI starts to switch on and of after a couple of seconds, is it anyone that can explain this? And I am holding the pedal still. BR Peter gear-cut-problem.wmv
  4. Hallo! Thank you, I test that and see whats happening. BR Peter
  5. Hallo! I want to ad a 4 d fuel table to have fuel corection for the temp of the fuel. i have a G 4 Storm and what I can see I can't have't have the temp as a input for this corection, am I right? I have this system on a motorcycle and I have used it for about 2 summers now. Best regards Peter
  6. I have tried to put it in gear cut but it do not work at all unfortenly.
  7. Hallo! Here is a dump from screen so you can se the setings. The switch is not a problem becuse I have tried different types and it must be in the softwere. Regards Peter
  8. Both. First problem. When I activate the digital input for gear cut and I have it activated for a couple of seconds it starts to go from on to off and back again. And  that happends only on the gear cut possition. Second problem. When I pusch the shift pedal the the ignition is cuted. When i let the shift pedal go back to the begining posstion it cuts the ignition again. I know its not so easy to explain the problem on the web. I hope you understand my problem now. Regards Peter
  9. I have tried that but it dont works as it should. I also tried to take the signal from the clutch switch and it happens the same thing.Â
  10. The problem is in the Link ECU. I have a micro switch that are trigging on the rod to the shift pedal. when i look in the computer and the switch are activeted, after a few seconds the DI in starts to toggle betwen on and off. Any ides
  11. Peter Rundström

    Gear Cut

    Hallo! I have a problem with gear cut function and that is it cuts the ignition both when it get the on signal and off signal. That means that when I pusch the next gear in it cuts the ignation so I can get next gear so when I get the gear shifter back to not activated psotion and the engine is on with full power it cuts again. I have tried to use both + 12 V and 0 V signal but it dont matters. Wath is wrong? I have a Storm on a motorcycle. Regards Peter
  12. Is anything you are going to fix? I have a sensor that are located  on the 4 gear in the gearbox and I whant to use that. Regards Peter
  13. Hello! I have a problem with speedlogging. What is the maximum value I can use? Now I have a value of 3788. Regards Peter Â
  14. Hallo! Thank you for your help. I think it's not going to be a problem becuse my sensor is only going to use about 0,04 amp Regards Peter
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