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  1. Another thing to consider if your using the Can (as i found out the hard way ) is the data rate for communication , its not often listed in the specs but critical if your using more than 1 devise AEM X series is 500kb Link CAN Lambda is 1000 I have a mounted but unused AEM if you need one
  2. Group/staged setup like Simon suggests works good, you can bring secondary injectors in where you want and as gradual as you need , and adjust for different size and dead time way better than any secondary controller is going to do
  3. Greg W

    Link display

    Thought as much, perfect for the salt bike though
  4. Greg W

    Link display

    Hi Dave I had thought about it , both my v88's are pre 10000 , the one i currently use on my salt bike is the sealed marine version ,and i did wonder if this complicated the change And i did get a RT D2 but currently just using analog
  5. Greg W

    Monsoon can

    Thanks again Adam,
  6. Greg W

    Monsoon can

    Thanks Alex, Looked at the help file and tried the x series without the EGT at one point and the ecu still cant find it, a bit hard to be sure as the info i see is for the gauge and i dont have a can id and have tried the 384 for gauge can1 and dont know enough about the can to know if its going to work or not X series has bit rate of 500b/s and the EGT is 1k , so pretty sure i cant run both at the same time
  7. Greg W

    Monsoon can

    Hi Setting up the monsoon with microtech 4 ch egt , via CAN wired in with 120 ohm resistor terminating the can line and the trunk has 2 intersects , one for EGT and one for Lambda Used the CAN setup AdamW posted for me a few weeks ago for the EGT all looks good to me but when i search for can devices i get nothing Was going to add a X series wideband to but found the comms are different rate so that intersect is an open connector atm and the stream not configured 750 Monsoon starter with EGT CAN.pclr
  8. Greg W

    Link display

    Clint i may have been bidding on one of those RT D2 , trying to find a dash for a pre CAN Vipec
  9. This was an unintentional flame , on 2 step limiter and one of the injector drivers on the big secondarys failed actually holding the injector open (NOT a Link ecu) timing wasnt retarded very far , no big pops and bangs, just lots of fuel through 1 cyl , i think pretty much drowning it and been ignited by the other 3 which also supplied the air
  10. "Also, these things are supercharged arent they? If so, make sure you have the equation load source set to MAP, the open loop Lambda table turned on (assuming using traditional fuel equation) and make sure the lambda target table has MAP or MGP on the axis. These settings are needed to ensure that boost is properly compensated for (if for instance boost pressure is changed at a later date)." Adam , The load source set to MAP rather than BAP/MAP x over , how much difference will it make with various boost levels ? this setup we are both using is based on my turbo bike , which i use both in Australia at 200m altitude and at Bonneville at 1200m , and so far works great up to where the turbo starts loosing effiancy and i have generated a small map table to remove fuel to compensate I have 6 stages of boost and it seems to work well ?
  11. Greg W

    Fury pinout questions

    Hi I am replacing a V88 with a Fury My question is the onboard lambda pinouts, are any of them multi purpose or are they dedicated to listed use Reason for my question is there are a lot of pins used compared to a CAN lambda or even an 0-5v analog input , and with Ethrottle also tieing up a few pins, wondering if i had other options Thanks
  12. And then there was light Thanks Adam makes perfect sense now
  13. Adam i must be more dislexic than i thought , but the trigger 1 here looks correct to me , and trying to figure out why i read it wrong looks to me to rise from 0v to 1.3v then fall to -1.16v and return to 0v do you actually read it at 1.3v and falling to 1.16v ?
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