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  1. Try removing a couple of degrees timing at cranking rpm
  2. Are plugs in cranking trying to fire or is that turned off ? If we have had problems like that on the Suzukis and Kawasaki, they were so small not to notice Upgrade cable size ??
  3. Greg W


    Yes 4 bikes running these with either Link or Vipec
  4. Greg W


    Looks like the same hall effect sensor we have on the later gsxr Suzuki's
  5. We use the link on turbo bikes, dual injectors , big cams , low compression , ITB, Using MAP/BAP X over base setting with TPS/rpm fuel table , staged secondary injectors and MAP based secondary staging table would this do what your wanting ?
  6. I would add an extra condition so you dont bump the shift at the wrong time (like key on not running) and bend the shift fork , something like rpm or speed related
  7. Greg W

    G4+ mount plate wanted

    Done Thanks Brad
  8. Greg W

    G4+ mount plate wanted

    Northern Victoria Aussie I dont mind shipping if you dont , it will fit in a small flat rate box
  9. Header says it all, needing a mount plate for a Fury, and pretty sure all the larger body G4+ ecu will be similar Mounting the Fury under the gauges on a motorcycle 60 deg from fully upside down , not easy to mount without the original piece which i dont have
  10. I brought 1 about 18 months ago and many months later got it out to test, DOA Pulled the covers off to see if it was anything obvious, nothing to see there The interface box is just an adaptor between there sensor connectors and the DB9 , you could supply direct to the dash Adam your video gives me hope to try again if i needed a basic display For now i replaced it with a Link Dash2
  11. Serial 9141 PCB rev 1.2 Be nice if it is , the current V88 were using on the US based LSR bike is a waterproof version and we were about to fit an AIM MXL using serial
  12. Adam do the upgraded ecu's have CAN printed on the serial number tag ? A recently removed the mounting plate from my spare V88 and it has that on the tag
  13. Greg W

    Dash it

    Thanks Adam Looked all through the forum and neglected the help file
  14. Greg W

    Dash it

    Another dash setup help needed guys, can i hear the groans from here Fury with AIM MXL pro 5 on connector B CAN2 Aim has Link G4 config Gone over the other dash and can related threads and used the generic dash config, may have the transmit rate too low at 1 hz (just looking to the latest post below) pics of the AIM and fury screens , welcome suggestions
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