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  1. So whenever this condition is valid (1 and 2 simultaneously) it will switch to the 2nd map, whenever for example the condition 2 stops being OFF and becomes ON, this virtual aux will become disabled, thus the ignition map will revert to the first one, correct? :)
  2. I'm trying to prepare and explore the new pclink for the g4+ and I'm using the monsoon or the storm sample file and I'm trying to transfer my settings...I've also used the older pclink for the older storm g4.. In VirtualAux when I use the GPOutput in G4 Pclink I can use in the condition 1 the digital 1 input for example and in condition 2 I can use the digital 2 input, so when DI 1 is on and DI 2 is off I'll switch an ignition map, but I can't do the same on last pclink for the g4+ (either monsoon or storm), there isn't any DI Value 2 on the list of condition 1 or condition 2.....true or false? Can you help?
  3. I think one "last" question hopefully...can I remove unneeded pins from the looms? Please don't advice me to buy the pins and terminals seperately, because it will be too hard for me to find the coloured cables seperately...so can the pins with the cables be removed from the connectors?
  4. If I choose storm, map sensor will have to be purchased seperately, it only takes one Analog Voltage input concerning the wiring?
  5. Ouaou....where was this written as a note at least? Anyways...I'm running solenoid type so I guess I'll be ok! Thanks for your fast response! Is there any pdf manual for the g4+ either monsoon or storm concerning the wiring as back in the old days of the g3 ? Also LoadInputs in G3 are AnVolt now in G4+?
  6. Hi all After so many years with my lem g3 I may be thinking of selling it (open to offers in fact:) ) and upgrading to g4+ monsoon or storm as I need sone more Digital Inputs for now. My only concern is the aux, now on the g3 there are 8 and if I remember correctly when I use the only DI I can't use aux 4, in total I need 6 so monsoon covers me (6 in total) but is there any conflicting aux with di in monsoon as there was in g3? Thanks
  7. https://www.dropbox.com/s/p7nzx60pe4qx7r0/zx_last.pcl?dl=0 Thanks a lot
  8. Everything is working ok now, I just keep getting an rpm limit activated message even if I completely turn rpm limit off. If I m helping car is starting ok and runs in idle but sounds like it is really reaches rpm limit although it reads 1650rpm max Also trigger error is around 6... If anyone can help I.would be thankful Thanks
  9. Hi again So not any more suggestions? Not even for this locked setting?? Maybe this is the solution? Please help, I ve got a car sitting only for this reason
  10. Still not able to make it work....I've even used either the tps sub wire for feeding both AN volt inputs The main thing I've noticed it if I touch the pid settings I m getting same result but sometimes slower or faster Can I somehow unlock this locked setting in ethrottle setup name TPS Sub - 100% - TPS Main which says that it can only be adjusted by you for troubleshooting? Maybe if I put 98% there, I'll get rid of this problem... It's the only thing missing and I'm ready to go
  11. Hi again Please let me know at least if my ethrottle is correctly setup in the file, so if this is ok either to start looking for another solution or even return the ecu and get my money back since it doesnt fit my car or at least the ethrottle module Thanks
  12. Hi Just uploaded the file for you...can you please check our e-throttle settings if they are 100% correct 'cause as I said before it only fails in the last step of the test when it tries to calibrate TPS main vs TPS sub signals, when it calibrates these seperately it succeeds normally up to 100% on both!?!? Also just for everybody's info RAV4 vvti setup you've uploaded for me in our other RAV4 VVTIÂ thread works just fine in this yaris too, most possibly as it's the same three-sensor style! Thanks
  13. Hi We are trying to make it work on a latest yaris model, half of the diagram is in the g4 manual and half is on the ethrottle manual! Yes you are correct about the 3 aux needed + 4 analogs for the tps main,tps sub, fps main and fps sub! I hope you get a working calibration right away, mine keeps failing when calibrating tps main vs tps sub so it disables the whole system, other than that seems to work fine! Good luck
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