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  1. Hi folks, Here are some photos Thanks in advance: http://s267.photobucket.com/albums/ii320/BobGooch/Link/ Thanks again in advance it also has some extra boards with dip switches which I cant find mean anything in particular. If you can help would be much appreciated
  2. Hi Folks, I think I have a mis-aligned bit of equipment but would need confirmation. The LEM system I have is a G1 according to you kind folks (See above). The VR4 Adaptalink I have I think is for a LEM G3 (according to your doco's). Can I use the Adaptalink with the G1 (I am guessing not )?
  3. Thanks Cameron, I will drop a line to AVO. Keep you updated on how I go Cheers
  4. Hey folks, I have brought a 1991 VR4 Galant. The car had in the boot a LinkPlus VR4 LPV10 030203 with a Link VR4 Adapter Loom. What model is this? What steps do I need to follow to start using this unit? I am not sure if I can just plug and play or can this damage my Car? Where in regional Victoria is there a competent tuner for this model? Finally is it true you cant use these with auto's why? Sorry for the "War and Peace" Cheers Gooch
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