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  1. I have a LEM G3 that I'm going to be using in a 97' Legacy to run and OBD1 eg33 H6 from the SVX. Does anyone have any kind of base map I can use to get it running? Also, I haven't upgraded the fireware yet, but is this something that the autotune features might be able to help me with?
  2. I am trying to think of where I could mount the IAT sensor on my possible future setup. I am running a Subaru with the turbo in the stock location, and a TMIC. On other car the IAT is in the Intercooler piping right before the TB-plate. With the TMIC, I don't think there is any room to do that. So, can the IAT sensor be mounted after the TB-plate, as in mounted directly in the main plenum of the intake manifold? Thanks for any suggestions!
  3. I have a 98' Legacy. For right now, I am running the stock 2.5l with STI headgaskets. I started the car on a WRX base map, but the timing is so far off that I don't want to run it like that long enough to play with the timing. Right now it has terrible detonation (I think, it definetly making lots of noise). This setup is running about 10:1 compression, so does anyone have a similar setup, or know which basemap the comes with the PClink would be a better match for me? Any other suggestions? Thanks a lot.
  4. I am running a 98' Subaru Legacy with basically a stock WRX turbo setup. I am wondering which knock sensing option is best for me. I have the LEM G3.
  5. Ok, I'm gonna pull the plugs tomorrow and then I'll try again. Now just to confirm, when you say turn the master all the way down, is that numerically low, like a "1" or numerically higher?
  6. I have an ej22t short block with Phase 1 EJ25 DOHC heads, FMIC, and Sotck WRX TD04. I have a LEM G3. The car was running ok (rich as hell, but ok) and then I pulled it into the garage. I got busy, came back about 2 weeks later, and it wont start. In that 2 weeks, the average temp went from 40-50 to 10-20. I would like to try your map, maybe that will help. I'll check my plugs too I guess, I was hoping to avoid that cause a lot of stuff has to come out to do it, but such is life. I dont' smell gas really, but there is definetly raw unburned gas in the exhaust, so I guess I've probably fouled the plugs. Also, how much do I need to scale back the injectors to get it to run right do you think? I have 810cc's but I'm not sure what a stock WRX runs
  7. ok, so I had my Legacy running on a stock WRX map, but didn't get it tuned before it got cold. I have 810cc injectors, so I know they need to be scaled back A LOT, but what other settings do i need to try to adjust to get this thing to start? I'm not a tuner by any means, but i need to be able to start it so I can get it out of the shop and onto a trailer to go to get tuned on a dyno. Help please.
  8. How soon will this auto-tune be available? And how exactly would it work?
  9. I'm using a LEMg3 to run a ej22t/ej25 hybrid in a 98' Subaru Legacy 2.5GT. That would be a ej22t short block what phase 1 DOHC Heads from an ej25. I'm wondering how do i setup my triggers (cam and crank position sensors)? Under the "trigger mode" drop down menu, the only subaru option I have is "Subaru V7-10(JDM)". I can see "Subaru V1-6" but it says *unavailable" directly under it. So Will the V7-jdm settings work?
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