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  1. Hi- is the Pertronix dizzy a ready to run type like an MSD one or does it require an amplifier box such as a MSD6AL or equivalent ? If it requires an amplifier box then honestly it is so easy to set up the ignition side on the Atom . I have used an Atom G4+ on my Dodge V8 running a dizzy and can say im very happy with it . Certainly the ignition map is easier to set up and tune than the fuel IMO .
  2. Ken Dunkley

    AEM - can

    Just to confirm - Via can -i want to use the AN channels for other sensors ?
  3. Ken Dunkley

    AEM - can

    Hi - can you tell me if the AEM x series 30-0300 wideband is able to connect to the Link G4+ via can ? . Its advertised as having a can output but just checking - Plus how do you rate them ? - Thanks - Ken .
  4. Simon - One more crazy idea - Could you wire two injector drives together ( say 1 and 3 ) and have enough power to drive 3 low impedance in series . And do this twice for a six cylinder and run it in group fire ?
  5. In 2014 Simon replied to a question about running a 6 cyl with a Atom G4+ - "You have to run group. If you have high impedance injectors then wire in two groups of three (one drive per bank will be fine) If low impedance then you will need to do it using all 4 drives drive 1 and 3 firing one bank and 2 and 4 the other." Can Simon please clarify how he would wire up the low impedance injectors using all 4 drives please ?
  6. Ok - Just thought i could take advantage of all the cheap evo or nissan injectors for sale which are low impedance . Just bought a Atom G4+ for a 6 cylinder project and looking at options - From your comments - injectors wired in series is probably not an option . Ta anyway .
  7. So i havnt bought any yet . Just thought id run this by you to see if its a possibility ? Yes 3 in series . How would the math work if they were 2-3 or 4 ohms ?
  8. Hi- i know youve been asked before but cant find any answers . On a 6 cylinder can i wire up 3 low impedance injectors in series and run them off 1 injector drive ? Have 3 injectors on drives 1 and 2 and run group fire ?? Thanks - Ken
  9. Hi- Could it be as you are off throttle pulling high vacuum you are accessing points in your fuel map that are lean ? Then as you go to full throttle again you get a resultant lean spike ? Just a thought .
  10. Hi- Wondering if youve got this running ? Would you mind posting your fuel and ignition maps so i can compare please ?
  11. Hi - I did this to the MSD distributor on my Dodge V8 . I timed the dizzy as you would ordinarily- found the no1 tooth and ground off the remaining 7 . The MSD dizzy had the facility to lock it - so no centrifugal advance comes into play . Also it is a VR type pickup . When i timed the gap on the 60-2 wheel i used - it was approx 90 degrees away from when TDC occurred at the dizzy . I had no issues with phasing of the gaps so cant say either way about that .
  12. Here it is . It was hard to know what to give it in the range it cruises in . On old school carb and dizzy engines vacuum advance comes into play - But i run an overdrive auto so it cruises at quiet low revs even at 100-110 kph and so i didnt want to give it 40 odd degrees at 1500-2000 rpm . Anyway it is what it is - Im sure not perfect - but it runs great .
  13. Hi- I have a turbo BB mopar and can give you the ignition map for that if you wish . The timing is no doubt a little conservative as i tuned the engine myself without going on a dyno . Its also low compression but as long as the comp youre running is not to high it will certainly get you running and be fine to drive on . Let me know if you want me to post it up for you - Ken .
  14. Hi- An old saying is - An engine wants what it wants - . Perhaps make it richer in the areas where you feel this noticeable bucking. To me this is a sign of running lean . With your cams you can get intake reversion and all sorts of weird pressure waves happening that can effect smooth running . Especially at that point of light throttle and low/medium engine speed . Dont be stuck on A/F targets at this particular problem area - Try it at 0.9 and see how it runs .
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