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  1. Semi sequential fuel with distributor

    Chris - The pairing follows the correct firing order 18436572 . The injector drive 1 is wired to cylinders 1&8 . Drive number 2 is wired to 4&3 . And so on . If you enter the firing order i suggested injector drive 1 will fire first - injecting fuel in ports 1&8 . Cylinder 1 receives the fuel at the correct time - cylinder 8 gets its fuel 90 crank degrees early . The ecu ignores the number 5 in the weird firing order and moves on to drive number 2 . Which injects fuel for cylinder 4 at the correct time and cylinder 3 - 90 crank degrees early . And on it goes . With the input firing order of 15263748 the ecu ( Atom G4+ ) only sees the 1234 and because theyre evenly spaced you get well timed semi sequential . The distributor leads still are wired and go to the plugs in the true order 18436572 . As it receives 8 signals to fire per 720 degrees it " distributes " the sparks to the correct plugs . Ive read this a couple of times so i hope it makes sense to you
  2. Semi sequential fuel with distributor

    Just to give you another option with your injector pairing - As opposed to the link instructions . With the distributor its easy to get the semi sequential as good as it can be . IE every second injector of the pair is only 90degrees out . So the way i did it ( remember not technically as per the manual) Is wire the injectors - Injector 1 - 1&8 . Injector 2 - 4&3 . Injector 3 - 6&5 . Injector 4 - 7&2 . Then input the firing order 15263748 . The ecu will then evenly space the injection events . Just wire the HT leads on the dizzy as normal . It just made sense to me to not leave fuel puddling in the port any longer than need be .
  3. Landrover 3.9 V8 with Atom

    Hi- Did you get this sorted ?
  4. Logging fuel map .

    Cool - Thanks Dave
  5. Logging fuel map .

    Hi- Is there a way with logging to bring up the whole fuel map and scroll along a time bar to see which cells were accessed over the time period logged ?
  6. Polishing the tune

    Thanks Clint. Thats a plan . Are there any parameters or compensations that you log to help with this process or if i log the basics is it fairly straight forward to see where i need to make changes ?
  7. Polishing the tune

    Ok - i want to be able to set up mixture map to correct the fuel map the same way CLL does . So at the moment with CLL active as i drive it continually corrects based on my AFR target - . Is there a way i can turn off CLL and set up mixture map to apply the same correction strategy ? Hope this is clearer ? Its just ive been unsuccessful with using mixture map as i dont know how to set it up with out it making my fuel map worse - But CLL seems to correct pretty much the right amount as i drive .
  8. Polishing the tune

    So i cant set up mixture map to correct the fuel map the same as CLL wide band stoich mode does ?
  9. Polishing the tune

    Hi- Ive finally got my fuel map (Atom G4+) pretty good over a long period of street driving/logging and tweeking . But it still runs better with closed loop WB stoich mode enabled . I never had much success with mixture map because of over corrections going on . More than likely from bad set up . Anyway- What i want to know is - Can mixture map be set up with the same strategy or set up to work the same as closed loop WB stoich does ? At the mo im +/- 10 % and it smooths out any VE problems on my map . Any suggestions ?
  10. Landrover 3.9 V8 with Atom

    Hi - When i originally set my Dodge V8 up i used the dizzy with group fire injection . The dizzy is a 2 wire magnetic reluctor type so sounds similar to your set up . I used the reluctor to trigger 1 and set it to - 1 tooth per TDC .The polarity of the wiring is important . Unfortunately the difference between our set ups is i used an MSD box to fire my coil and the timing was through the ECU . I dont know if you can piggy back your reluctor wiring to trigger 1 and your ignition ? Does the dizzy trigger a separate ignition box ?
  11. Best way to add extra injector(s)?

    Hey Brad - Just asking -Are you running true semi sequential ? With injectors firing in 4 groups of 2 ? If you are can i suggest you run maybe 4 smaller sized injectors at the blower inlet - That way you are getting a more consistent flow of cooling fuel through the rotors .
  12. Best way to add extra injector(s)?

    I believe with high impedance injectors - Each drive can power 3 injectors ..
  13. Pre crank prime

    Can anyone help with this - I want fuel pressure to build in the rails so as to get a consistent prime every time ?
  14. misfire/spark problem

    Never assume - It makes an ASS out of U and ME . LOL . I thought id bring it up as it was running before and its one thing you have changed . I dont know if its positioned identically to the original but worth checking since you are have trigger probs .
  15. misfire/spark problem

    So you did say you changed the cam ? Is the cam sync in the identical place as the old cam ? Did you re-check the trigger offset when the engine was reassembled ?