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  1. Here it is . It was hard to know what to give it in the range it cruises in . On old school carb and dizzy engines vacuum advance comes into play - But i run an overdrive auto so it cruises at quiet low revs even at 100-110 kph and so i didnt want to give it 40 odd degrees at 1500-2000 rpm . Anyway it is what it is - Im sure not perfect - but it runs great .
  2. Hi- I have a turbo BB mopar and can give you the ignition map for that if you wish . The timing is no doubt a little conservative as i tuned the engine myself without going on a dyno . Its also low compression but as long as the comp youre running is not to high it will certainly get you running and be fine to drive on . Let me know if you want me to post it up for you - Ken .
  3. Hi- An old saying is - An engine wants what it wants - . Perhaps make it richer in the areas where you feel this noticeable bucking. To me this is a sign of running lean . With your cams you can get intake reversion and all sorts of weird pressure waves happening that can effect smooth running . Especially at that point of light throttle and low/medium engine speed . Dont be stuck on A/F targets at this particular problem area - Try it at 0.9 and see how it runs .
  4. Hi - Im sure no amount of bad cam timing or ignition timiming or stuck valves or any other mechanical issue is going to make an engine idle at 6psi positive pressure - No way - no how . Hook up a mechanical vacuum gauge to confirm . I think it will be a map sensor or electrical issue over mechanical .
  5. Ken Dunkley

    ISC solenoid

    Hi Adam - I dont seem to have that option on my idle control page . No park/neutral step . Is it on the Atom G4+ ? . I have not up dated the firmware in a while although it is mentioned in the link help file . I doubled checked my settings on the anti stall gain and i have increased those - From 15 to 25 . So ill try that too .
  6. Ken Dunkley

    ISC solenoid

    Ok ta for that . Also is there any way to speed up its action . Even with all gains maxed it is painfully slow to open and react when say putting the car into gear ( Auto ) . You can watch it count open in tenths of a percent on the lap top . How fast do the Bosch solenoids react ? Is it the valve thats slow ? Or just the way the Link controls it ( Its set to 200HZ ) Are there faster reacting ones on the market that the Link can control faster ?
  7. Ken Dunkley

    ISC solenoid

    Hi- with the Atom G4+ - When the ecu powers up but the engine is not cranking or running the isc solenoid ( bosch 3 wire ) stays closed . Is this right ? It only starts to open when cranking . Can i get it to open to its set point in the - idle base position table - before closed loop control takes effect ??
  8. Hi- My engine suffers badly from heat soak and i have done the same as cj suggested and have managed to get the problem sorted to the point where im happy with it .
  9. Ken Dunkley


    Hi- Thanks for the reply - I see in the 4L80 post your question about TP sensor being used to control line pressure - Hope this works out . Please keep us informed with how youre going with the project - My only alternative is to buy a stand alone controller for about $500US . Plus frieght plus gst . Itll work out about $1000 bucks !!!! .
  10. Ken Dunkley


    Hi- Are any of the G4+ range capable of controlling the GM 4L60e trans as well as the engine { not a chev } . Or does anyone know if i can use the LT1 computer to work the trans and the Link will run the motor ?
  11. What about having the ability to ask for additional ecu features off a "Menu" with a list of costs . For example i have a G4+ atom but would love - CLL wide band mode auto - . As an added feature . Or add more injector drives etc etc . Pay for the base ecu plus additional costs for additional features . Possible .?
  12. Some old school cars supply different components from the ignition between the " start" position and the "run " position - i wonder if this is at least part of your problem ?? Maybe coils not receiving power on crank ?? Just a thought .
  13. Hi - I had a similar problem with trying to set the base timing on my engine when initially setting it up . Timing would not hold and advance uncontrolled when reving the engine - Turned out to be " spark edge " was set wrong in my case . I had it set to " falling " and needed "rising " . Not saying yours needs to be rising but you could swap what you have entered and try it .
  14. So im far from being a tuner having only done my own car . But on those logs there is no iat compensation being applied that i can see . You should imo look up HP Academy - see what they have got with regard to learning how to tune . At least you can learn the basics through the courses they offer . But yeah the Charge temp approximation could be your issue . HP academy do a webinar on tuning this function . Or you can carefully go through it yourself by trial and error with logging results . This assumes of course that your main fuel table is correct to start with . And all other things such as what Adam said with your idle control function correctly .
  15. Sorry . My bad - i added it to the parameter list that came up and it showed it so all good now . Yeah it shows it lean at readings up to 1.3 lambda .
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