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  1. yes if i turn the key off, TheEcu Also Turn off, if i use the test function, the injector will work.
  2. Yes, but the IAT has 16 degrees so the engeine sould be pre crank prime, but hi didn't i have no idea what i do wrong.
  3. No the fuel pump dosn't turn on if i crank, the injector and ignition also dosn't turn on, I dosn't no why. The ecu dosn't turn on any output.
  4. Yes, The pump turns on, If I Set the polarty in the pc link software to high the pump runs continously, and if i wire the pump conrol wire to the ground the pump runs also i dosn't no why the ecu dont turn on any output if i turn on the key
  5. Thank you, for answering i forgot to write down, i use the aux5 for the fuel pump if i cahnge the drive from low to hi in the software the pump runs continously, this is why i now that the wiring is ok. if i unplug the ecu, and wire up the ecu on my work table with switches and leds the ecu also dosn't turn on the fuel, ignition, injector, but the imputs will be displayed, but  no output will be turned on, (it never displayed green in PC Link) this is why i ask. The Hill race is on july 12th i hope i can fix that. so if u now my imput and outputs can u do for me a .pcl file that i can test my ecu? With the the two teeth tricks distributor. I dont wanna drive with the stock ecu, i can no log read, and can't find things that i can do better. sorry for messing your time but i think the link ecu can make my car faster. thank you the helpless rookie
  6. Thank you so much for Helping me i now for you sound my project horrable (like a Nightmare) i use the sample map for my project but i dit'n have a spark, the fuel pump is running but the injector dosn't run the engine speed say 0 can you thake a look about my project a ditn't have a link dealer in my near the subaru plugin was not so horrable Thank you the rookie
  7. Thank you for helping me quick sorry im a rookie, i need to find datsheets about the electric/ electronic components. so i will write more i have just one trigger sensor on the crankshaft (an Magneti marelli [sen 8k]) and the crankshaft has two tooth so i wired this sraight to the g4 and conect the AI1 - Ignition to the coil (its a distibutor ignition) Can i work with just one trigger? Ahow i can configurate the stepper motor from bosch (0 132 008 600) i have no idea. Bipolar? Thank You The Rookie
  8. Hi, i Will use a G4 Extreme To control my 1.4 Lieter (1372cc) Fiat uno 8V. so im a rookie with poor expirience, i Find a Electrical diagramm from the Fiat But im not Shure Witch Input/output i must use for the sensors and Idle Stepper Motor and All the other things. The Chalenge is I want use the original plug and wiring. so i will soldering the g4 to an original plug from a fiat ecu, the ignition has a own ecu (magneti Marelli) the original ecu is wired to the coil to become a rpm signal. but i think i use a an plug for magneti marelli too. (the magneti marelli ecu is conected to a hall sensor.) why i wanna do this? I Have Four of this cars with the same wiring, that makes the change much easier. Thank You Â
  9. Thx simon, the biturbo has a contolbox vor ignition, also the car has a sensor in the Distributor so i think i can use this and then i wiring up the coil to the ECU. or need i a better signal?
  10. Hi i have a maserati Biturbo from 1985, this car has an Weber carb. Wit two turbochargers on a 90(angle) V6 2.5 litre tree valve engine. So i found a Manifold with 6 holes for fuel injectors (from a1989 model). The engine has just the ignition signal from the coil, can i use this signal for the injectors? The car has a pressure sensor up to 1.5 bar from the manifold and a solenoid for the turbocharger. Thats all i have, if i need i can use the parts from a rs legacy subaru. Its posibele to create a basemap for this engine? I hava also an innovate lc1 lambda controller. Can u help me? Thx
  11. Hi i have a straight inline 4 cylinder Fiat Engine From 1992 (9.1989 - 09.1993 82 KW 112 PS 1372 cm³ Motorcode: 146 A8.046), its the engine from the Fiat Uno turbo 1.4 i.e. so i uninstall the serial lambda-sensor and then i install a Innovate LC-1, an IAT-sensor. This engine has just one ignition coil, I Think Its Easy to programm this. The injectors (4 injectors) have all the same wires, so every injector inects at the same time (its Crazy) so its posibile to use the link g4 plugin from the subaru RS legacy for this engine? (i use the plug from the subaru). what i need to program? the engine has just a crankshaft sensor, a water temp sensor, an oil temp sensor, a Nock sensor. and a throttle sensor. its important, so i can installl the map sensor from a subaru rs legacy. so now i need to no how i can programm a base map for this engine. the start of the problems its that it isnt possibile that the subaru engine not fit in the racecar shasee. so now we use the 1.4 lieter class with RWD (its easier to win a race, in the two lieter class has a lot of good cars if u need i can send u som wiring diagrams from the fiat. i don^t wana buy a new ECU The Link is great. Thnk u for answering
  12. thank you for fast answering, i will go to my subaru Garage and pick up a copy of the wiring diagram. so my next question is: wich widebandlamda am I to buy? so which its the easiest to wiring and integrating to the g4? Bosh? thank you
  13. Bevore i vorgot its the plugin working with a N/A Subaru EJ22 Engine? this engine has just two ignition Coils. Maybee some bodys have a Base Map? THX
  14. Oh So sorry that i waste your time, thank you so much that you answering me so fast yes i clear just the error log not the fault Codes. now it works great. bevore i have more problems i ask you bevore i do somme modifications. I would like to remove the maf meter. can i unplug and set to off? is the engine working good without them? and i found a bigger Turbo i would like to install this. what i need to do for a safe running? and can i set up the boost easy? (i would like to have 1.1 Bar its like 16 psi) i hope i didn`t wasting your time im a beginner.
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