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  1. Thanks yes the BAP and MAP readings with the car on engine off are within 1kpa so looks like I do have the correct MAP sensor settings. I have taken a log and emailed it in with my tune and description. Thanks.
  2. I tried setting the Map sensor to the V1-6 option but it fails as soon as I try and calibrate the Map sensor, see attached error
  3. Thanks Simon, i am working on getting the logs. In the meantime, I noticed that my ecu is configured to use a V7-9 Map sensor. The map sensor is Subaru part number: 22627-AA170. The version numbers on the Link ecus confuse me. I notice there are 3 choices for a Subaru map sensor: V1-6, V7-9 or V10. Can you tell me if I have the right Link ecu setting for the above subaru map sensor part number?
  4. Thanks Simon, could it be a delay in the MAP sensor reading instead of a dip? I have attached a plot
  5. Thanks Ross, I have sent the files to you and I hope you can help! Does the ignition directly follow the fuel pulsewidth? The problem is much worse when the engine is cold. Â Do you think this could be a clue or is that normal behaviour if there is a dip in fuel?
  6. What could cause a dip in the fuel and ignition? Â (MAP and TPS already ruled out)
  7. Thanks Simon, I have attached a plot of the MAP signal and it seems to be normal. Â We have increased the delay on the fuel injector so now there is not a dip in the fuel injector pulsewidth. Â However, the ignition angle does seem to be strange.
  8. Hi, My subaru has a hesitation when you first apply the throttle and when you let go of the throttle. Â Happens in every gear, even with no load ie free revving. Â It is worse when cold. Â It also happened on the factory ecu before I changed to Link and has been there ever since I bought the car. Â I have a very experienced tuner and he has tried everything he knows of with only a minor improvement. Â Therefore I dont believe it is in the tune but something physical. I have started running logs to troubleshoot why this is occuring. Â I have ruled out the throttle position sensor as the sensor voltage looks good and seems to respond quickly and accurately to changes in the throttle. What I have found is that there is a dip in the fuel injector pulse width when this hesitation is felt. Â I have attached a graphical representation of the logs showing what I have found. What I am missing is the next step, how do I work out what is telling the ecu to have this dip in the amount of fuel causing the hesitation? Thanks, Jeff
  9. Thanks Scott, It is the plugin G4 for a:Â Impreza WRX GDA/GDB (8/00 - 11/05). I have attached my tune file.
  10. Got a message back from my tuner that its the number of tables he thinks might already be maxxed out. Â Is this a normal occurence? Â How many tables are allowed?
  11. Yes I have an external knock block fitted. Although I dont have an IC Spray so Im wondering what that is being used for? Â Any ideas? Â I have attached a screenshot of its config so it looks like something is setup. Im trying to get in contact with my tuner to ask but hes away at the moment.
  12. I found my digital inputs: DI1: VVT Cam Position DI2: VVT Cam Position DI3: Aircon Request DI4: IC Spray DI5: Speed DI6: Digital Knock Feedback Can any of these be setup as analog inputs as I have spare ones there?
  13. I also have VVT setup so that might be using some of the digital inputs??
  14. I have this gm sensor, part number 13577429: http://www.gmpartsnow.com/oe-gm/13577429
  15. Thanks Scott, how can I tell if I have a spare digital input? Â I have a Link Knockblock as well.
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