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  1. Ray

    Rough idle

    Hi, I have a R33 series 2 gtst and have a Link G4 for over a year. Its great, except for 1 thing. The idle, since it was tuned has been rough, sounds like I've got cams, to some extent. I've had the tuner look at it and he reckons its my injectors. Im using Subary 450CC rated ones. I had these cleaned and flow tested and verified that they were all flowing around 530cc. I have since rewired the fuel pump and its made a difference somewhat, but a hot idle is the same. Its annoying as it sounds sick. What would be causing my issue please?Â
  2. Ray

    Boost control

    Scratch that. I called up Tech support and found out I just need to disconnect the loom from the solenoid to the ecu over to the ebc.. pretty simple! Cheers! PS - If only the Display link was a bit cheaper I would have gotten one.
  3. Ray

    Boost control

    Fixed. Turns out the backing plate for the heat shield was actually restricting the flapper from opening fully.. which explains my creep. Now I put on an R32 actuator and it holds 10psi solid through. At the mo - I have the link doing the boost control - How do I use my EBC? I have a fair idea - Pull the vacumm line from the ecu, and feed that to my EBC?..? Please advise!
  4. Ray

    Boost control

    Thanks Scott - not doubting the built in boost control function. I tee'd it off the actuator(bypassng the solenoid) and it still creeps up. I get 7psi almost instantly(like before) but at around 5k it starts creeping up to around 15ish. I've spoken to the person who did my turbo, and he reckons I need a better boost control. Maybe I might get an r32 actuator(10psi rating) and see how that goes. I havent played with my ebc yet either- Gizzmo MS-IBC.
  5. Ray

    Boost control

    Hi, Had my car tuned - Link G4 - about 2 months ago. I get major creep. Creeps up to 18psi/275kw by around 6k. Had the tuner use the Link boost control and got it to creep to around 16psi/260kw. How do you guys feel using the Link G4 boost control? My turbo is a hybrid using the stock 7psi actuator. R33 rb25det - stock plenum/exhaust manifold. Trying to sort this problem out.
  6. Ray

    3 Channel Ignitor

    Hey, can i run one of these 3 channel ignitor on my R33 stock ecu?(rb25det)
  7. Ray

    Link for 25t skyline

    hey ashley thanks so much for your response. that clears alot of things up.
  8. Hey all. so im in the hunt for a full ecu replacement for my skyline in the near future. i was lookin for pfc's but theyre getting rare as black diamonds. anyway to make it short.. i dont knw much about the links.. so th LINK G3.. would that be all i need? my end goal is 300rwkw. oh its a R33 25t making about 200rwkw only.
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