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  1. Hi Everyone, I need help. I have a mitsubishi evolution 6 and it won't start. I have trigger 1 set as rising and trigger 2 set as falling. Trigger 1 is the CAS and Trigger 2 is the CAM. When starting the car, I get only 200 rpm, the Trigger tab of Runtime Values show no error. I have fuel and sparking going into the engine. Trigger type is set as Mitsubishi Evoluition 1-6. Anybody who can help me get started on what to check? Compression is good on all cylinders. Appreciate the help. Regards, IGX
  2. Thanks for the input guys, verified the wiring, all is good, tps has been replaced, still having the same problem. Had the TPS calibrated, when viewing using TP Main with the engine off, the reading changes when I press the throttle, when the engine is on its always at 0, however viewing by actual voltages shows changes
  3. Thanks for the concern Denis, I did test the TPS and its working fine. I also tested Analog 4 by feeding it directly with 5 volts, once I remove the feed to it the reading slowly goes down to 0%. I should not act this way, it should either be 100% when at full 5v and 0% immediately when I remove the current to Analog 4. Anybody experienced this?
  4. Hi guys, I need your help. I have Analog Input 4 wire to my TPS. The TPS has a 5volt supply, ground and the 5v output wired to analog input 4. The TPS was calibrated and reads 0 to 100%. However, when pressing the throttle lightly it will immediately jump to 100%. Depressing this the TP (Main) channel slowly counts down from 100% to 0%. I tried supplying Analog 4 directly with 5 volts, it acts the same way regardless if I use the TPS to output the 5v to AN5 or directly feed 5V to AN5. I'm using firmware 4.6.9 but this has been happening since 4.5. Appreciate your help.
  5. Hi Constantine, I used to run the same dwell setting and get misfire. I since then increased the dwell to 8ms on my COP and it worked. Try increasing your dwell by a few points and see if it helps. Don't do it to much as you may burn the coils.
  6. Didn't get to fix miine yet, anyone have any suggestions?
  7. Thanks Simon. This will be hard to find. This did not happen before and recently did. No changes were done to the car. Same plugs are in use as well. Any other possible reasons?
  8. Anyone has any experience with this? When boosting 10 psi and the pc is connected to Link G4 Storm, it doesn't get disconnected and I can do real monitoring. However when boosting 15 psi after 5000 rpm the PC Link gets disconnected from the ECU
  9. Thank You. I am using 340 degrees as the injection angle. Any suggestions? Base pressure is at 43 PSI Regulator is stock FPR and is 1:1 Injectors are Low Z and I'm using OEM Injector Ballasts
  10. I guess I cannot go with the Bosch then. Do you think dual bosch external pumps coupled with one intank walbro can help increase flow? Do lag times also increase flow? I noticed that the lag times I used for the MSD in my Haltech could do 95% DC but when I switched to Link G4 the car would not run good after 80% DC. Lagtime in the Haltech was .4msec (injectors wired directly to ecu which can control low z injecctors) and in the Link it was .5msec (injectors wired with resistor packs)
  11. Hi Everyone, Does anyone know the correct dead time for these injectors? I have used the Bosch 846 in the calibration table but idle is rough (even after tuning) and when revving the engine it doesn't run as smooth as the current MSD 65# its using. Would it be good to run a Walbro 255 HO in-tank and 2 Bosch External after the filter to increase flow through the system? At 10 Psi on a GT30R I am already at 50% DC on E85 which makes me require either a 1600cc injector, an upgrade fuel system or use the 1600cc as an auxillary injector. Your suggestions are well appreciated.
  12. Thanks Simon. I will try redoing the pairing. I did set the Aux 5 to 8 as ISC Stepper in PC Link. The pairings previously worked on a Haltech though
  13. Hi Everyone, Having wired AUX 5+6 to Coil A and AUX 7+8 to Coil B and have the two red wires of the ISC to +12V, the Stepper seem not to work. I used to run a Haltech E8 and it only makes use of 4 wires to the coils without a +12V, anyway I can do this with the Storm? I tried doing Close Loop and Open Loop manually changing the steps, none seem to work Anything I am missing?
  14. Try 33 hz, as I used one on a Haltech E8 (now I switched to Storm), haven't tried it yet, but increasing duty should increase boost. Assuming you have it plumbed correctly.
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