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  1. Just wanted to clear the VAG coil wiring diagram. These coils have two ground connections when in the OEM installation . One is for the secondary coil - wired to the cyl head. The second is for the coil driver - wired to the chassis/ecu ground.
  2. Hi, Unfortunately it is not fully tested yet. The car is in a body preparation period, so no more engine starts lately. I did test these fan settings once though. The fan turned on as expected on the set engine coolant temperature. I had not enuogh time to play with the IC water temperature settings to trigger the fan.
  3. A happy chap here! As was promissed, here are the Reveltronics wiring instructions: Then I wired the EGT-K OUTs to G4's AN V10 and AN V11. I left the input GND floating and connected the G4 sensor GND only to the EGT-K OUT GNDs. Everything is OK now! I have EGT live data. Since I'm on budget, I used China made EGTs, it appeared the + is RED and - is BLK. Thanks again to Link's and Reveltronics support! You were just great!
  4. Hi to all, Unfortunately it seems I have left my EGT-K wiring instructions in my garage, which is located not where I live. Next few days I'll try to pass by and collect the wiring and then to scan/picture it. But it is not something special. I don't see any quoted power consumption, but will ask. BTW I connected the guys from Reveltronics with the same question. Here is their responce: "OUT ground is internally connected to EGT power supply ground. You can left it foating for not grounded thermocouple (thermocouple for vehicles are usually not grounded).All vehicle sensors have ground from vehicle ground.EGT-K power supply ground is also vehicle ground, so both grounds are connected via vehicle ground.Just connect only OUTx to your ECU AdcX input." To me, It looks not so correct for my case at least where all sensors have "Sensor GND" from the G4 ECU, not from the vehicle GND. What do you think? Thanks again! P.S. Also invited them to join the forum and comment into this thread.
  5. Hi all, Just bought a 2ch EGT-K amplifier from Reveltronics.com: https://www.reveltronics.com/en/products/egt-k-thermocouple-amplifier-type-k-0-5v What bothers me is the fact (according to the insructions) that the OUT GND is internally connected to the device power GND i.e. to the chassis GND. So , the EGT-K OUT1 and OUT2 are connected to two of my G4 AN Volt input channels. So far, so good but what G4 GND should I wire to the EGT-K OUT GND? If I wire the G4's sensor GND, I'll actually conect that sensor GND to the chassis via the EGT-K device? Is that OK for the G4's all other sensors and measurement? Endless thanks in advance! Regards!
  6. Hello Adam, I'm confused a bit because I've already swapped the trig 1 wires according the manual. Please, would you check that again? Now, I have falling signal line at the missing tooth zero-crossing, i.e. from high to low. Thank you!
  7. Hi guys, Just want to ask if you see something unusual on the next picture. The setings are described earlier in this thread. What bothers me is the 0.5V noise on the low level of the synch Hall signal. The Hall sensor is 12V powered but the output trace has 5V amplitude. Is that normal? Thank you!
  8. May be here : https://www.hpacademy.com/ you could find the answers
  9. Thank you vey much Clint! No , it is not tested yet because I have to brake in the engine first. I could try it with variable resistors on the temp. sensor connectors. It would be great if someone of the Link support could confirm these Fan control settings. Thanks again. Will give a feedback when tested. Ivo
  10. Hi Clint, OK, but when I'm setting the SW Cond2 for Virtual Aux 1-GP Output, there is avaiable only "Aux Virtual value 2=ON (OFF)" from the pull-down menu? It seems I have to use for SW Cond 1 the Virt.Aux1 own on/off state. Only then the pull-down menu offers "Aux Virtual value 1=ON (OFF)". ...Or I'm totally out of space? Please, would you check this again for me? Thank you!
  11. OK, Here are my new settings: Virtual Aux 1 as a GP Output: Virtual Aux 1.bmp Virtual Aux 2 (for the intercooler coolant temperature) as a GP Out: Virtual Aux 2.bmp and the FAN control Aux Output set as a GP Out: Fan control Aux as a GP Out.bmp I understand your logic and it corresponds to the examples given in the Help menu. What bothers me is the Fan's GP Output setup. Why SW Cond 2 is again "Aux Virtual Value 1=ON" ? (Actually there is no other choise but "Aux Virtual Value 1=ON" in the "SW Cond" menu!?) What, where from are the values 135 and 75 on the attached screenshot (Fan ctrl as a GP Out)? I didn't put them there. What do you think? Thanks! Ivo PS: Aha! OK! You!!!! have adopted "1" and "2" as Aux Virtual VALUES! for SW Cond 1 and SW Cond 2 ? Does that distinguish for sure betveen Virtual Aux 1 Out and Virt. Aux 2 Out in the Fan Control GPOut setup? SW Cond 1 Aux Virtual Value1 = ON | 1 SW Cond 2 Aux Virtual Value1 = ON | 2
  12. Thank you Clint! I'll try these settings. It seems though, there is no support for G4 since New Year !??? I hope this wont be "forever"...
  13. Knock, knock...? Is there anyone from the famous Link tech support?
  14. Hello all and Happy New Year! Please, I need an advice how to switch ON and OFF the engine fan based on two different temperatures. The fan is located behind two radiator cores, sealed inbetween. The front core is for the air-water intercooler system. The rear core is the engine cooling radiator. So, my aim is to switch ON the fan based on the ECT and also on the IC coolant temperature (there is a dedicated temp sensor connected and calibrated to AN volt 8 input). So far checked the engine fan AUX output as GP Output with logic cond 1 OR 2 (Cond 1 is ECT. Cond 2 is AN Volt8) and it seems it should work OK. What bothers me is that for GP Output there is no temperature hysteresis value but only a switch OFF timer delay value with max 12s only! That means if any of the temeratures falls slowly, the fan will be switched OFF (after 12s) but the actual coolant teperature drop could be just 2-3 C !? Is there another way or logic for the engine fan control so I could achieve my aim but using OFF Hysteresis temperature for both values? Can I connect another! AUX Out to the same Fan relay pin as the "Engine Fan" Aux Output, so the Fan relay will receive ground signal from two independent Aux Outputs? What function to choose for the other AUX Out? It is G4 Xtreme Red ecu. Thank you! Ivo
  15. Or may be this: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/car-40P-81P-engine-wiring-harness-plug-121P-121-PIN-1J0-906-385C-038-906-379B/32723477544.html?spm=2114.search0104.3.2.tgK62G&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_5_5460015_10152_10065_10151_10068_10344_10342_10343_10340_10341_5470015_10304_10307_10137_10060_10302_10155_10154_10056_10055_10054_5370015_10059_10532_100031_10099_10338_10339_5380015_10103_10102_10052_10053_10107_10050_10142_10051_10171_10326_10084_10083_10080_10082_10081_10110_5590015_10111_10112_10113_10114_143_10312_10313_10314_10078_10079_10073,searchweb201603_17,ppcSwitch_5&btsid=a642adc7-df9b-4fff-bdbf-2724dfd07660&algo_expid=b311710b-89e4-4fb8-9e19-59ba78ecc360-0&algo_pvid=b311710b-89e4-4fb8-9e19-59ba78ecc360
  16. Ivaylo Angelov

    Base timing

    Hi Will, May be you should hit the "Enter" button before the "Done" one. Check this thread: http://forums.linkecu.com/index.php?/topic/7172-trigger-offcet-menu-is-locked/
  17. Hello Adam, Just a little feedback. The engine is running on the factory settings. It is pig rich but running. First I tried with -84 deg offcet but received a pop inside the manifold. Then changed to 276 deg and it started like an OEM :-). The timing light showed 277 deg offcet is the perfect match. I checked the settings. The master was 15ms which appears to be too high for my 60lb Siemens Deka injectors at 45psi base pressure. I'm very happy with my Link ECU so far. Especially with the "Differential pressure" channel. A very, very useful thing. I'm still discovering the ecu's possibilities :-)) Here is a short video with the factory settings "in charge" engine start. Only 3"diameter short down pipe from the turbo. The idle is on two wire Bosch solenoid valve. Some problems with the alternator charging because I switched to a LED lamp. Fixed now. Made some changes to the master fuel (13) and the idle table. Also added a straight muffler to the DP. Now I can hear the empty hydr.lifters knockng: Thank you very much! Ivo
  18. Ah, Now, the Offcet number is already on its place. What confused me so far was that I always tried with the "Done" button in the "Set Base Timing" screen instead to hit the "Enter" one. Everything is OK now!!! Thank you! Ivo
  19. Hello Adam, You're always here when needed ! I'm glad I bought Link Ecu :-)) So.. in the "Set Base Timing" screen I have to enter the -84 (or 276),. hit the Enter button and then to... attempt to crank/start the engine? Also my synch trigger is a "Half moon" type with the window centered exactly "over" the gap on the 60-2 trigger wheel according to the scope. Hall sensor. The synch mode is set to "Cam Level" Are these signal alignment and synch setting correct? Endless thanks again for your support! Ivo
  20. Hello guys, I'm pretty close to the first engine start but I'm in a dead end with the trigger offcet settings. My be I'm blind but I just don't find where to enter my offcet number because the PC Link trigger calibrarion menu is locked for the offcet degree number. My VW VR6 12V engine has 60-2 target wheel on the crank and the TDC 1st cyl is 84 deg (on 14-th tooth) after the gap has passed the CAS in the direction of rotation. My understanding is that I have to enter first the offcet number then the Ref timing number and at the end using a timing light via the "Set Base Timing" sub menue to fine tune the Trigger Offcet degrees. I guess I miss something though. Your advice is highly needed. Thanks! Ivo Here is my pcl file: Vagvaz.pcl Vagvaz.pcl
  21. Hello Adamw, No, it is a Hall sensor. I'm explaining how I wired it to my G4. I was advised here to use shielded cable for the Hall sensor as well, but my cable has only 2 wires surrounded by shield. In its original OEM instalation, the Hall wiring consist of just 3 wires, no shield. Thank you!
  22. Hello Scott, please, would you confirm my 12V Hall sensor connection or not? Its cable is shielded with two insulated leads inside : Hall (-) to G4 sensor shield; Hall signal to Trig 2; Hall (+12v) to switched 12V supply Thanks one more time for your support!
  23. Hello dear Link users and masters, I have few simple questions. I want to wire few switches to the DI 7-10, so I could switch low/high boost maps, check the clutch pedal position, enable anti lag, etc. The first question is, what GND should I use? The chassis GND or the ECU sensor GND? The second one: My engine has an OEM NTC single wire oil temp sensor and I want to use it to measure the oil temp. It is installed on the oil filter bracket. I have (want) to connect it to Analog Volt 9 input. Is it possible and what is the correct way for that? The third: I have AFX Powerdex WBO2. Where is the right place to connect the controller GND wires (two)? The last one: My sync sensor is a +12V Hall one. Can I connect it to Trig 2 input? Should I also turn ON the "Trigger Pull-up Resistor " ? Endless thanks in advance! I'm in the middle of a wiring madness :-)
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