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  1. Hi I've just bought an AIM MXL to fit in my Link Plug in for ca18det Do you know what harness should I buy? Â RS232 Serial Protocol AEM EMS - All AiM - RS232 Autronic - SM2_V190/191 Autronic - SMC_V191 Autronic - SM2_V193/195 Autronic - SM4 Carmo - AFI 2003-2005 DTA - P8 DTA - P8V29 DTA - P8V30 DTA - S60 EFI USA - 2.1 Electromotive TEC3 EMS - Stinger v123 EMS - Stinger v4 EMS - Stinger v8860 GEMS - Omex Haltech - E11v2 Hondata KPro (Mod. PRB) Hydra EMS -Â MBE - 967 MBE - 970 MBE - 992 MoTec - M4 (DataSet 5 & DataSet3) MoTec - M48 (DataSet 5 & DataSet5) MoTec - M8 (DataSet1) Nira - I3+ Pectel - T2 Pectel - T6 Racetech - ENGMAN 18 Sybele - RS232 Wolf - Wolf 3D
  2. Hi, I need to use a 5v power to run the AEM 5 bar MAP sensor, but I don't have the expansion connector... so where can I find 5V in the engine wiring? I don't know any sensor in the CA18det that use 5 volts Thank you
  3. Hi, I am running a Link G4 Plug in for a Nissan Ca18det (S13). I am currently fitting a 350z gearbox in the engine, but it hasn't got speed sensor in the box (The s13 ones yes). So what kind of sensor can I make to the wheel or diff to read the speed and show in the Link Display? Thanks
  4. I want secuencial fuel and individual coils, so, Will i have to add another wheel in the camshaft, is correct? Thanks
  5. Hi, I want to remove the OEM Crank Angle Sensor of my CA18DET (It is fitted on exhaust camshaft) and fit a trigger wheel on the crank. So, can I just put the wheel on the crank and remove the CAS, or will i need another sensor on the camshaft? Thank you
  6. Hi, Can you tell me what sensor type is this IAT sensor on the ECU? Also I've an AEM UEGO widebando with bosch lambda, It has wired to AN Volt 1, but what calibration have i to choose? Thanks
  7. Problem solved Simon, Thanks a lot One of the connectors of the fuse box dind't fit propperly, so now I have the ecu with the green led ON and connected to the PC. So sorry, but I have two questions more. Link pinout and Ca18det pinout are too different.. The most of the pins are changed and some of them that the CA don't use, the link yes. My questions are: 1. How can I wire CAS and TPS? I've seen something in PCLink Help file but I don't know if link use the standard pinout of the ca18det for the CAS and TPS 2. I've added an IAT sensor, AN Temp 1 is engine water temperature; AN Temp 2 is free, but CA doesn't have PIN in 55, so, have I to fit the pin in 55?  Thanks Javier Sánchez Â
  8. Thanks Simon for the fast answer I will check it tomorrow and I will update you (It is 22.10 in Spain just now) I am checking both pinouts (CA18det and Link ECU) And CA18det don't use 4 and 36 pins, so have I to wire them? Here is the CA18det pinout And the one of Link ECU Â Thanks
  9. Hi, I've a problem, PCLink can't connect to the ECU. It is a Link G4 fitted to a Nissan S13 with Ca18det engine. I've installed the PCLink, connected the Ecu to the computer, and then, Windows 7 have found the LINK and have installed it correctly I can find LINK in my laptop if I have the key of the car in ON, but no if I have the car OFF, obviusly, is it correct. But then, in PCLink I can't connect to the ECU, The message I have is this: I've tried - Three diferents laptops - Change the port com number ( Some ports) like you said here 'When you have the ECU connected to your laptop and the ignition on, open Device manager and have a look under ports and see if your ECU is listed there. If it is not and you have all your connections correct, try another USB port to be sure. If it is listed in device manager check the com port number it is on. you can then open PCLink, click options > connections and set the serial port number to match the one in device manager. If the ECU still does not connect, right click on the ECU in Device manager, select properties > port settings > advanced > and change the com port number to a different one, preferably one with a number of 8 or less. Change the com port in PCLink to match the new one you have set in device manager.'  - I've tried to update the firmware, but the answer is this:  What happens? Thanks a lot, Javier Sánchez  Â
  10. Previously Javier Sánchez wrote: As above in title, can anyone tell me that? Thanks!  I forgot to say that is a Nissan Ca18det Plug- In
  11. As above in title, can anyone tell me that? Thanks!
  12. Previously Javier Sánchez wrote: HI, Can you help me? I only need a base map, then I can tune the ecu to my injectors etc Thanks
  13. So sorry, the correct one is can you tell me*
  14. HI, Can you, please, send me a base map to start the engine? I run Ca18det engine with No MAF (Your iat sensor), GTX3076r, 1000cc Injector Dynamics and 256 Tomei Cams Thanks!
  15. Hi, I am wiring the LINK G4 Plug and Play ECU in a Nissan S13 (Ca18det engine), and as far I have seen, I have to modify some pinouts of the ECU, is it possible? Also, I have a Intake Air temperature sensor, but I don't have instrucions to wire it, I have seen I have to wire it directly to the Link ecu, but i don't have the connector, do you sell it? I purchase too the Link Display, but i don't have the cable to join with the ecu, do you sell it? I need the CAN/RS232 for the link display Thanks!
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