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  1. "AFR" is a random and meaningless value that depends on the stoich. ratio of the fuel in use. Hence needing the value set as advised above. Lambda 1.0 is *always* lambda 1.0 regardless of fuel - it means no oxygen left. AFR=14.7 is only true for pump fuel...which may have some ethanol in it, so who knows. I would stick to lambda, or set the ratio as above. Well, that's my opinion, anyway. And I may have misunderstood the issue LOL.
  2. Thanks Adam. There are around 30 parameters I want, so I'm now building my own sequential stream and eliminating the "junk" as you suggest. I was trying to retain backwards compatibility so existing users weren't forced into having to update their map, just to get some new functionality, so I won't be able to achieve that . No biggy.
  3. Just found that even if the streams are set to OFF in the "MODE" tab, any frames actually defined in those unused streams do count towards the 50 (or whatever the limit is) and cause the "error".
  4. Been pondering this, and think the 50 parameter limit must include the sequential ID word itself...so only 12 frames allowed in theory (48 parameters/IDs). Although had to trim it 11 before it was accepted (44 parameters/IDs), so may not be the correct explanation (no other streams active). There's also an implication that a built-in stream is not limited to 50 parameters?
  5. I now have these parameters working correctly on a G4+, using the CAN data scaling of the V88 as above - again, many thanks. I have done this by creating custom frames to add the new parameters in, but it's a bit messy for the end user so I thought I'd create a complete custom set of frames based on an existing .lcs file from this forum for the generic dash stream. This stream checks out with the built-in generic dash stream I've used for years. But if I load the file in, PClink complains that there are "too many parameters in Streams". It will only work if I reduce the number of frames from 13 down to 11 (so from 39 actual parameters down to 33). Why is that, since the built-in 13-frame stream obviously works? I can probably work around it, but it would be good to know why!
  6. Excellent - thank you for confirming, and so quickly. Superb service!
  7. Most useful - thank you Adam As far as EGT is concerned, how is that configured for a V88 since there's no EGT parameter, per se, that I can find? I just to make sure there isn't another variable to take into account, such as the analogue input linearisation table?
  8. Just been trying my G4+ setup and the scaling of the EGT in the .lcc and .lcs files is probably wrong - I had it set for the Thunder's internal EGT amplifier which needed a different scaling. But WG Duty does work OK on the G4+. About to code in the ethanol stuff.
  9. Thanks Adam. I've attached the .lcc file. As far as EGT is concerned, there isn't an EGT parameter as such that I can see, so it is just AN6 (to which the 0-5V EGT amp is connected) that's in the stream. I've added it twice so the stream is near-enough identical to the .lcs file I'm evolving for G4 which has 2 EGT channels. Toucan Enhanced Dash.lcc
  10. Another tuner has also done this today with 100% success
  11. I was a little surprised! G4+ scaling doesn't seem to work, but could be an error on my part. If you can confirm that it really is the same, I'll sort it "my end"; if not, then the correct scaling info will obviously help
  12. I have a customer with a V88 and one of our Toucan displays and I'm trying to assist him in getting EGT and Wastegate duty displayed. I've created him a custom ".lcc" file, which has all the generic dash, then with an additional frame containing AN6 (which his 0-5V EGT is connected to) and Wastegate duty. But, unlike in the later G4+ PCLink software, you cannot see or edit the parameter scaling. Does anyone know how these two parameters - and Ethanol % and temp - are scaled? I've asked tech support and they don't know
  13. Thanks Adam - we'll give that a go Still learning PCLink lol
  14. We have a customer who would like to use a Toucan to activate antilag from the touchscreen, in the same way as we can activate launch control. The ALS arming options do not include CAN DI's, so we have tried using a CAN DI to control a virtual AUX output, and then to use that virtual AUX as the ALS trigger. It works, but I'm told the behaviour is back to front - it defaults to ON when the CAN DI is not asserted. I will be in a position to try this for myself tomorrow on the bench but, in the meantime, can anyone suggest: how to invert the logic. I can't see this anywhere or another way to achieve this?
  15. CLL should be very good, on boost, for most boosted applications. If not, there's an ecu problem that I don't have the (Link) experience to comment on. But, taking your point at face value, the "inability" of an LSU 4.9 to measure very rich lambdas is therefore a bit of a moot point? The point of a wideband is to control lambda outside of stoich. running, to the tuners wish/desire, and you're saying it's not relevant for this application? Although excess fuel might cause bore washing: on a full-out drag car, rebuilt every few runs, who cares; but the majority of Link customers are not in that category I imagine!
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