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    Idel valves

    Is there some one that can tell me if this idel valve from a Ford Ka / Fiesta is worth using ?It is a 2 wire valve, but is half open with no power on, I suspect that it uses reverse curent to close. Eny input on this ? Jan Lassen 4x4Shop DK. Please wait Image not available
  2. If I will use a setup with missing tooth and cam sync set to 'sync level' I will need a cam trigger wheel with a 180 deg. tooth . The questions is. 1 how many camshaft deg. should the trigger be high / low 2 where do the trigger have change level, exactly at TDC or with in a crank teeth, or something else.. This setup is for a custom setup with no use of factory triggers / sensors Jan
  3. Has i ever been tryed to run G4 with 2 LS2 coils per ignition driver ? Can I do this without damage the ignition driver ? Jan
  4. wasted spark uses double ended coils, these coils fires 2 spark plugs at the same time, the spark plug wires goes to the 2 cylinders that are at top, one at compression, (the one that need to fire) and the second one at its exhaust stroke. Ignition drive 1 fires cyl. 1 and 4. (coil 1) ignition drive 2 fires cyl. 2 and 3. (coil 2) The wiring of your igniter can be seen on this link http://www.linkecu.com/support/dlandswupdates/TechInfo/WiringAndInstallation/I01 Hope this helps you.. Jan
  5. Is it a 4 cylinder engine ? How many ignition coil are you planing to use ?
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