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  1. Hey man, cheers for that. I will see if I can steal someones laptop and get my map off it. the guys who tuned it said it was ok but its weird to me that it was quiet before the computer was stolen and then became loud with the new one fitted. I was told that the exact same map was uploaded to it that was previously on it and that there were no changes made to it. I will put a link in for a video I made the other day after I picked it up for fun and you will hear what im talking about. I know you can hear it well at around 28 seconds and then anywhere I put my foot down through out the video. any other ideas would be good too. Â
  2. Hey guys, Just had my Link g4 replaced after my previous one was stolen out of my R33 GTR. The problem is that since it has been replaced the boost solenoid click is very noisy. I know that they always click but before the computer was stolen it was very quiet, almost unnoticeable. Now the click is very loud, almost unbearable and the thing is nothing has changed in the tuning. Do you have any ideas what could cause this? Could it be wired incorrectly or backwards and would this cause it to click louder. Any help would be great as I would like to get it sorted.
  3. Hi, im looking to buy a plug in connector that goes from my link brain board to my lap top . :link # ejobacka 061102 this # is on the chip, can the free down loadable software be used with this board,without any further software being puchased ?
  4. Hi, im looking for someone that can plug into my link managment syst. 2.0 subaru .the going rate in sandiego is $220.00 , seems like alot , is there any other way around? maybe a hobiest that would just love to show off there cool hi tec.tools?
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