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  1. Could someone please sent me a map for rb engine with main fuel table set to rpm over tps and overlay table rpm over map (or mgp), as i dont understand the instruction how i have to set it up to have map corrections over the tps table.  Thanx a lot,  Dennis
  2. Hi, i use a trigger System on my RB26. Trigger disc multitooth at the crank an AEM CAS-Disk with original CAS. Sadly i still have issues with the cas and so it has to go. My question: i want to run Multitooth/tooth missing on the crank and a Hall-Sensor with one tooth on the camshaft. I dont know exactly if i understood the calibration setup: Setting the offset of the crank is ok, but how do i set the offset of the CAS? Thank you very much!
  3. Thanks a lot for your quick answer, Adam. I´ve ordered one of these discs. How do i have to set the triggers with the new disc?
  4. First of all, sorry for my bad english. I have some trouble with my stock Nissan Opto 360 CAS. Revs are fluctuating. I tried the Low resolution mode, it is a little better but the problem isnt solved. My question: Once i had my Opto 360 engaged (24 Degree widest slot, it works, so i think it is the right slot, isnt it?), can i tell my link to use only trigger 2 with the opto 360 (for widest slot) and set trigger 1 to Hall sensor with one of your Triggerplates (which one should i use, where do i get one?) boltet onto the crankpulley? Can i order one of your triggerwheels und one of your hallsensors here. Thanks a lot, Dennis
  5. Great. I will try! Thank you very much!
  6. Hi Simon here is my map. Please take a look. OK, then i will do another Update. My aim is to get down fuelconsumption while cruising. if i set 4D to always on, i cant get as lean as i want, because for acceleration this would be too lean. If my idea is idiotic you can say so. Thanx very much!
  7. Hi, i have a little problem with my G4 plug in on my RB26. I have a LC1 Wideband wired to the g4. Set as Wideband 1. It works. Open loop afr table is on. Two weeks ago i made a Firmware Update to 4.9.3. The Problem has been before Update and isnt fixed jet. On cll g4 only makes lean. What´s the fault? I want to run 4D Fuel Map. 3D: Engine speed over MAP. 4D: Enginespeed over TPS. 4D should not work always, but only under certain conditions: Only if TPS hasnt changed for about 1 second or TPS is falling. (only cruising or reducing speed withaout going into overrun fuelcut) Is it possible to do this with an virt. Aux.?? Sorry for my bad english and thanx a lot. Dennis
  8. Yes, it has a built in igniter. Thats not the Problem. I think the primary resistance of this coils is lower than 1 ohm. 0,36 ohm i think. Is this a problem? Other way: Your Link G4 ECUs for Audi TT, or Audi RS6, is there anything different to the G4 for rb26? Thanx very much
  9. Hi guys, i drive a nissan r33gtr with your G4 ECU. It works great. Now i want to change the stock coil packs and want to run the Audi ZSE 032 Coils. Is this possible? Is the ecu able to drive the zse coils? If yes, what do i hve to change (apart from getting rid of the power transistor). Does anybody have a Wirirng diagram of the stock RB26dett coilpacks where i can see which pin is what? Thanx a lot and sorry for my bad english.
  10. Had problems today. noticed the spark map has become populated with loads of 27's and on the event of uploading replacement pcl file a popup nr the end notified of memory errors and to check configiration parameters for correctness. well words to similar effect.. Have put this down to using vista with usb to rs232 . carried out a reload making manual amendments that match the last known good pcl and switched laptops. The outcome of changing priority from Cyl to Sync made some improvement to error count at high rpm's it's not fixed but did reduced the rate of sync errors. Going to replace the screened dizzy cable as its 20 yrs old and change the loom suppressor , add a few large capacitors to the 12v supply for the link and hope for the best. unless you have any other suggestions its not looking good and probably requires being sent back. Thanks again Simon for your input.
  11. Simon . I wrote the trigger layout wrong on the post . It is wired as: Trig 2 = G1 Trig 1 = Ne
  12. Hi Simon. Okay took another look. Yes Two options for priority Cyl / Sync...... its set to Cyl. A quick question : Would this be used to select between the two inputs whether NE or G input between (sync or cyl) no ill effect from switching from either no change to timing table..? Just to clarify the toyota dizzy arrangement. The Ne wheel has 24 teeth, driven from camshaft speed = 12 pulses per one crank rotation. G1 & G2 have one pickup each with one toothed lobe = 1 pulse alternating per 2 camshaft rotations The layout for the inputs connected to G1 ecu. Trig 1 = G1 Trig 2 = Ne Sync / Cyl Ratio set to 4:1.... What is the sync/cyl ratio about ,is that the ratio between the ne wheel and the G pulse for snyc/ for decoding 4 cylinder. .just interested as very little information is in the manual about this , having installed this ecu means one has to support it to some degree regardless of its age. These Link G1 ecu’s are very different from the G3's when it comes to the trigger setup department and having no arming threshold or trigger filtering is a tad worrying when problems occur.. Will try switching the sync and cyl and report back. Thanks again Simon your support is truly noted.
  13. thanks simon. I should do a tad of house work on my aging bookmarks. installed on second laptop to check another problem. thanks again.
  14. thanks simon have posted link to sub board on the other thread.
  15. Thanks simon for your help todate. unit fitted is this actual unit = http://i880.photobucket.com/albums/ac4/GaryST165/Link%20ECU/DSC02965.jpg installed in toyota celica st185 RC gt4 3sgte rev 2 engine. tried again today, no mater what changes made to configuration wastegate dc remains at 102% red.as mentioned in my last post tested using remote pressure with engine running, makes no difference whether testing or driving. another session on ecu still the same level of Scnc/Cyl errors. error rate increases once over 4500 rpm and once at 5500-6000 rpm error count is one per second if not more, when at low engine speed no issues apart from the 1 scnc error from crank/start up. scoped g1,g2 ne today nothing un towards just like any other gt4 . i have never like these dizzy setups. could it be a problem with the sub board., do you have spares, any chance of a schematic diagram to aid scoping the input circuit, not looked at the board yet but it can't be miles of how denso did it. if no go on the diagram , what sort of time frame and cost would we be talking about. can't see its worth spending to much on an old g1 for repairs and postage around the world twice. again thanks for your help simon much appreciated.
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