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  1. No worries, Had an intermitant good patch. Ended up playing around with some vacuum lines and it seemed to fix the problem for a day. Managed to get everything tuned up to 5000rpm then as soon as we got to tuning the 5500cells the same problem arose, not able to rev under load. Must have been coincidence. Is there some sort of limp mode in the ecu? and apart from the obvious limits is there anything to stop it giving a spark signal? Matt
  2. Cheers Adam, we had checked the phasing by drilling a hole in the cap and the rotor did exactly what is was meant to, checked when it was misfiring and didnt move from where it should have been pointing. Havnt been to worried about smothing at this stage and havnt even thought about that 5500 column yet. Appreciate you time thanks Scott, Yea the dyno has the wideband setup. It runs pig rich, well lower than 10 dropping to 8 at times. No real need to use it as when its misfiring the rear of the car dissapears in black smoke. Have now put a link 2channel ignitor to eliminate that as a potential problem and hasnt solved it. Also put an inline tester on a plug lead, We have a very small miss on idle and right the way through the rev range. then under load when it missus the light in the tester barely comes on at all which is what we expected ( next to no spark) and the reason it wont rev. It feels like a crossfire or some kind of limit is in place I guess its hard to explain through a forum and its looking like it has nothing to do with the ecu or the setup now. Again thanks for your time Matt
  3. Hi there again guys, I have a new problem now, surprise surprise. When under load at around 4000rpm i get a massive misfire and the motor wont rev past that at all. we have only just started tuning on the dyno but after a few days nothing we have tried has worked. Im using the factory holden v8 efi dizzy hall sensor, intermotor 15020 ignition module, have been using a msd blaster ss with a primary resistance of 5 ohm but have also used another coil, along with a new ignitor module incasse the onther was damaged, with resistance of .4ohms. Both myself and the dyno operator are almost at a complete loss as where to head from here. Ive attatched the current file we are using, also a log. The dyno drops the rpm signal when the misfiring happens and doesnt realy ever give a constant signal through any rev range up to there. Thanks in advance for any time you spend with this. Matt
  4. I have both the trigget inputs to the dizzy with the sync set to none
  5. had no luck with the msd so went back to standard hall effect from a vr v8 and bosch ignitor. Now when i crank i get spark if i connect a plug directly to the ht lead from the coil and both triggers say yes when i look at the runtime values, but i get no engine speed. The fuel pump primes/stays on as it should and turns off after ive finished cranking. Is there a reason that i shouldnt be seeing an RPM signal? Â Cheers Matt
  6. Hi there, Could be a stupid question sorry but im doing my head in. I have a msd ready to run dizzy feeding an atom. Everything works as it should, run all the tests to check all functions, tps, ignitior, injectors etc and they all work flawlessly. The problem i have is i cant get any rpm signal, If i connect the dizzy straight to the coil as it used to when it was run carby i get a normal spark. As far as im aware everythings wired as per the manual and setup the same. Hopefuly theres something simple ive overlooked?  Cheers Matt
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