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  1. Put on Falling, Worked perfectly Time to go to work!
  2. Got ya - I did have it on Rising. Did not think to try that.
  3. Bump this up for some updates -Â I have the continental sensor in my car and I just changed the sensor wiring from the external pull up method to the internal pull up method. Ethanol content stayed the same so that's good, saved me about 500 grams of BS wiring and stuff haha. One question I did have, and Kellygnsd has been helping me out on the side a little... how does the temperature get measured? I am seeing 132 degrees C when sitting in my garage at 23 degrees C, does it work the same way as the Seimens? Thanks for the help Fellas. Levon
  4. 4.5 volt should be 415 kPa. the other 100 is for vacuum. Layvon
  5. That would be a good idea. K.I.S.S. It makes a good safety that way. Right now my TB map is pretty much a 2D Map because 20%TPS spits out the same boost target as 100% for any given RPM.
  6. The problem with doing it the way that AdamW Mentioned is the limited tables for the PnP Link box. I only have 12 tables and they get chewed up quick. See attached for what I have; and I dont feel like anything can go. The way you said simon would be a good one, at first thought I didn't like it until I looked at my current boost table (also attached) so the throttle position really isn't doing much right now. I'd be better off having it be oil temp for target boost or something so that I dont boost when oil is still chilly. I wish I had enough tables to add a 4D fuel / Ignition map so that I could have full flex fuel capabilities without having the computer with me.
  7. Hi Simon and the rest of the link team - With the amount of people adding in E85 these days, do the PnP Link boards have the hardware capabilities to have another Trim for target boost / WGDC? It would be cool to have the table so if you have an ethanol sensor hardwired in, it can adjust boost for bad E85 on the fly. ( Say in winter you get E70, it knocks out 3psi boost or something along those lines ) I'm getting prepped for my E85 tune and just was thinking of what would be better than carrying around an E85 tester. Thanks Levon
  8. There could be other factors that change the MAP limit that you have setup but might not be aware of Perhaps you should plot the MAP Limit to see if it is dipping at all where you are getting the cutout. Things I can think of off the top of my head would be: ECT - IAT - Gear Good luck
  9. Updated from 4.9.3 to 4.9.7. I feel retarded yet again... it was there for both versions
  10. What injectors? Bosch ID1000s? This is the totally wrong way to do it im sure, but I have ID2000s and used a master of 7ms and 5% (7.35ms) trim on a 2.5 liter 4cylusing 48PSI (330kPa) base pressure That is .625L per cylinder. You are at .6 liter per cylinder I would say that for you, using a 3ms master with 20% (3.6ms)Â Trim would be close. Smarter people will comment after me, but if you are just looking to see if you can get it to idle, try that. If you want to play it safe, bump up the fuel a little bit. Better yet, talk to your tuner.
  11. I need to hook my computer up to check. Should have done that first My car is a 2004 USDM STi, but used a base map of the Subaru V10, because that was the closest thing, and is what my box said.
  12. Thanks. Another user on the subaru forums suggested I open the status tab to see what lever action activated which DI. Appreciate it Simon
  13. Levon Luther

    Gear Cut Control

    Hi All - I am using the V10 Map on my Subaru and was looking to setup flat foot shifting, noticed that it wasn't there. Opened up my buddies map with the Vipec version of the board and it was right there in the motor sport section. What gives?Do I need to add it in? Thanks Levon
  14. Another Question some what relating to the DIs on the Link platform I am trying to setup ECU logging, I can use either 'Subaru Cruise switch B'  or ' Cruise Switch' Problem is I dont know which way is which.. The lever goes up,down,in, and there is a button on the end. ... I'm leaning towards cruise switch is the button on the end, but I dont know this to be certain. Any help appreciated.
  15. Ah. Thank you much. I didn't know that would unlock it. It did lead to another question . .. the default X axis if you will was TPS.. Could you really input this whole table and have the ECU look up to the table the entire time, getting dynamic results? I know that the table is given for static fuel pressure. However, in the boosted application, if your base pressure is at 43.5Psi and you boost 30psi, it would need the table from 43.5 - 73.5psi. The problem I see here is if you're in vacuum, you'd be below the 43.5. Simple fix though - just make the cells the same as 43.5, or plot them out to see where it is expected to be. Does any of this make sense Simon? Thanks again.
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