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  1. I'm experiencing an occasional rev hang at full throttle, when cyclic idle is enabled along with a throttle kick. The car is an Evo 7 with a stock cable throttle. Re-calibrating TPS seems to ease the problem for some time before it starts occurring again. A rapid/harsh full throttle push is almost guaranteed to get the rev hanged & then I have to turn ignition off. I'm posting a pic of my anti lag/idle setting, can any of my settings cause such issue? Throttle is permanently kicked open via a screw at around 29%, 'idle low' & 'idle high' were set at those numbers to obtain a reasonable, non-rapid cyclic idle sound. The car retains a fully functional stepper motor, could that be causing the issue? should I override it in the settings? Thanks
  2. Yes, that did the trick Thank you Clint
  3. Driven wheel speed source is set to: LF Wheel Speed Non driven wheel speed source is set to: off Never bothered to check there since my ECU is plug-in & I'm getting speed readings fine on my dash
  4. The car is an Evo 7 with plug-in ECU, the car won't exceed the 5500 LC rev limit at any speed unless LC is disabled! LC settings are: 2D launch RPM table, disarm speed 15kph, Launch RPM table: 0 & 5 are at 5500rpm, the rest are all at 7500 the normal rev limit. I have the stock gauge cluster removed & replaced with the AIM Strada 1.2 dash, connected to the ECU via CAN +/-. The dash seems to be getting speed reading from the ECU fine. Any clues what the problem is?
  5. Okay, everything worked fine as per your instructions If I had known about the Link branded Strada I would have purchased it from Link along with the ECU. Thanks Adam
  6. Actually the dash was purchased from AIM, it's not Link branded.
  7. Hi, I can't seem to have a new plugin Evo8 G4+ to communicate with an AIM MXS 1.2 Strada dash! I connected both the CAN1- & CAN1+ wires to pins 2 & 3 on CAN1/RS232 on the main board. Can someone please list the steps need to configure this under CAN setup in PC-LINK & in the AIM RaceStudio?
  8. I'm using a couple of new HoneyWell 1000kpa pressure sensors for fuel & oil pressure, connected to AN2 & AN8, calibrated as 1000kpa (150psi) TI sensor. The problem is that at idle the sensors fluctuate around 40 kpa but once throttle is applied the reading rapidly drops to zero rather than increasing! Any clues what the problem is, wiring, polarity? Thank you
  9. I appreciate the useful feedback guys. A couple questions: Where is the offset table located? Is it the error values under each analog input? If I set the lambda reader to output 2.50v for voltage testing & if the ECU, as an example sees 3v then how do you suggest I modify the offset based on such theoretical 0.5v difference? Would any such voltage difference stay constant throughout the logging range?
  10. There is a significant difference between actual AFR readings vs logged values via an analog input. I'm using an Innovate LM-1 to log AFR, I have programed both analog outputs on the reader to match the values of the LC-1 (0v = 0.500 Lambda / 5v = 1.523 Lambda) so I could pick the LC-1 from the calibration list. I connected the wire to AN Volt-4, grounding it to the ECU. As an example, if the LM-1 screen reads 12 AFR the logged value would be around 14.4 AFR! Any possible causes to such issue? Thanks
  11. I have a map file for a Toyota 1JZ-VVTi, old blue Storm, I need to adjust it & flash it into a new black Storm, but the problem is that the old file has only 4 fuel & ignition auxiliaries, is there a way to add more auxiliaries or do I have to start from scratch? Thanks
  12. Using an Innovate LM-1 to read AFR I had selected the innovate LC-1 calibration & had programed the LM-1 both output signals to emulate the LC-1s (0V = 0.5 lambda & 5V = 1.523 lambda). Connected the reader to AN-Volt4 via a 3-wire AUX cable, the tip is signal & the bottom is grounded to sensor ground on the ECU. As I use different AUX cables, sometimes AFR readings are spot on, showing identical readings on both the LM-1 screen & PCLink, but often there is a difference in readings with PClink showing leaner AFR value than the reader by 1-1.5 AFR! What could be causing such variation in AFR readings?
  13. I did more testing & non of the base maps seemed to work with the RPM always halting at around 5200-5500RPM, very short of the set RPM limit! Then I went through a long process of elimination changing the following to no avail: Spark plugs, cam, crank, TPS sensors, coils, the entire wiring loom. Dwell table looked conservative enough considering that I'm using gray coils from a Subaru STi. I finally did something that strangely solved the issue & got RPM to hit the set limit with the very normal & distinctive cutoff sound. I decreased master fuel from 12ms to 8ms & that somehow took care of the problem! Although AFR was semi fine at around 12AFR at the point when the rpm halted. Now, at 8ms fuel readings got lean all over & I had to add significant fuel in the main table so the car could idle fine bringing AFR from 19 down to around 14. Any clue what just happened before I proceed & tune the rest of the fuel table with master fuel set at 8ms? Is it possible that the injectors power consumption at higher duty cycles might be preventing the coils from generating enough spark? BTW, the injectors are ID1000 with fuel pressure at 43psi
  14. When using a base map to start a 2JZ VVTi (Storm blue ECU) RPM is cutting at around 5200rpm significantly short of the set RPM limit. The cut sounds different than the normal cutoff sound & it takes place only when TPS is at 100%. If TPS is any less than 100% RPM would reach the set rev limit. I used a different base map & the issue got cured! I ran a compare between the 2 files & among the many differences I suspect two. 1- VVTi cam solenoid is set on AUX2 on both files: Good file: Inlet/LH at 300hz frequency. Bad file: Inlet/RH at 20hz frequency 2-Triggers, trigger 2 VVT offset: Good file: Inlet/LH 657 ATDC. Bad file: Inlet/LH 173 ATDC. Would any of the above differences cause such issue? Should I look for other differences to pinpoint the issue? Thanks
  15. For some reason PClink is not switching reading from Lambda to AFR! AN V4 is set as Lambda1, fuel equation mode is set to 'traditional' units changed to AFR under both metric & imperial, Lambda gauge is set to AN4-Lambda1. Am I missing anything?
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