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  1. Sorry for the new conversation, the owner just find the solution ! Just wrong direction.
  2. Hi ! attached photos of a G4 plug in for Subaru V5 V6 in the OEM Ecu 'frame' (EUDM WRX year 2000) OEM frame's threads do not come with G4 plugin holes. I don't know how to fix it, If you have any explanation and solutions. Thanks, Best Regards, Leo !
  3. Thanks for your explanation Ashley ! I'll try to be clear. I understand, but not really this part, the most important : "Our number 30 would be in the fuel table at our WOT row (0 kPa MGP) and the delivered fuel at sea level would be MAP = 100 kPa, table = 30 = 3.000 ms and our delivered fuel at high altitude would be MAP = 80 kPa, table = 30 = 2.400 ms fuel. Exactly 80% the fuel at sea level!" Can you detail it ? I understand that in MGP setting there is a correction based on MAP value to determine pulse width. So without other correction : Pulse whidth (ms) = Master * (table value/100) AND maybe * (MAP value in kPA/100) just when MAP is less than 100kPA ? I find this in the help, but NOT only for MGP setting, is it the explanation ? "The value of Master is the injector pulse width (in milliseconds) that results if the active cell of the of the Fuel Table is set to a value of 100 and the manifold absolute pressure is 100kPa" What happens when MAP is below 100kPA ? In MGP and MAP setting. I'm very interested, thanks to answer. (I don't understand why there is no more equations/specifications/flowcharts/code..etc in the helps to understand how the ecu works, It's a pity !) Léo.
  4. Hi everyone, I'm running a G4 plug-in il my Turbo V6 WRX Subaru. What are advantages to use MGP or MAP for main fuel table for turbo engine? (and atmo engine ?) My point of view for turbo : I tune my fuel point for 120 MAP and 100 BAP so 20 MGP in table. Another day there is 95 BAP so for the same MAP (120 because boost is regulate in absolute pressure) the MGP point is 25 ? So the ECU is going to inject more fuel whereas there is the same air mass in cylinders (because 120MAP !) Am I Right or not?  Thanks ! Leo.
  5. Hi everyone, i'm using an afr wideband on my WRX V6 with G4 plug in. So I want to use this wideband for : Tune my fuel table with quick tune, and have a loop for correction in real time. I read the link help, and in 'afr target table' that's write : The Fuel Table is tuned based on TPS and the ECU automatically looks after the changes in manifold pressure. Fuel table Y axis = TPS I dont really understand,I have to put my fuel table in TPS/RPM ? Because actually my fuel is in MGP/RPM and i want to keep this axis. Or can i just keep my MGP/RPM fuel table and tune it with and activate Open loop AFR table ? thanks ! (sorry for my english )
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