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  1. Hey guys, I have got my hands on a Link G4 Extreme wire in I'm looking to run in my 2001 Verada. I would like a few specific features and want to check if its possible/how its done. 1. Flex fuel - Other then of course the flex fuel sensor, is there anything special that needs to be in my loom/fuel system to have the tuner set this up? 2. Knock control - I understand a Link Knock Block is required, however I am curious if there are any alternatives to this? 3. Launch/Traction Control - Can this be setup like factory systems in newer models? ie. hold a button for 3 seconds to switch off, press a button to switch on - output illuminates a light whilst off? 4. Is NLTS available on this model? This will be getting wired by a pro in a brand new loom, so I want to make sure it is 100%.
  2. John used this setup: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/856/380gtaddnlcamsensorfron.jpg/ (this was done by the installer, im hoping to use a stock sensor) - This is what Adaptronic had Perry do with the cam sensor, grind 3/4 teeth off so only one tooth remained. http://www.adaptronic.com.au/forum/index.php?topic=5262.0 Would this be an option with the Link?
  3. Hey guys, There have been a couple of Link G4 Extreme ECU's fitted to Mitsubishi 380's now, I have a Verada with a 3.8 engine and will soon be purchasing a Link G4Plus Extreme and ditching the distributor for the COP setup. The question I have is will I have to run an external cam sensor like johnk did, or will the stock sensor work on the newer G4Plus? I have a mate running an Adaptronic which is able to run the stock sensor, hence the question. If not available, would it be possible to get support added if I was to get the specs/output of the sensor?
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