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  1. I've been trying to investigate this a bit too, and have wondered if when people are referring to 5v - or 5v up to 10v for the solenoid that they are actually misinterpreting what the PWM does, and measuring '5v' out of a PWM output and assuming it's a steady 5v signal where in fact it is a modulated 12v output that ends up being averaged out as 5v? Maybe hopeful, there?
  2. Please update if this is resolved, and also if anyone else has upgraded to this firmware please confirm if it is or ideally HASN'T been an issue... I ideally will be tuning a G4+ car tomorrow and while I would like to give it a go with the new equations etc I am loathed to run the risk of bricking an ECU
  3. Nice work, that explains that - then... cheers for the update
  4. Hi man, One of the 20v 4AGEs I tuned (black top with upgraded cams etc - 1I1 off Toyspeed) had some intermittent odd idle niggles which I never actually was able to see first hand, I've come over to check it out - only to be greeted with a car which started and provide a rock solid idle at target rpm haha.  When I learnt of the extra diaphragm in the throttle assembly which contributes to the idle control (along with the IACV) we decided to stop that from playing and see if it helped, and from what I've heard it's been happy since. Given you have loaded the exact same idle settings into the G4 Link and assuming nothing mechnically has changed, then it makes it seem like the most likely options that come to mind are: 1) The underlying tune is not the same and doesn't match what is happening 2) The new Link behaves differently - which is still probably fairly unlikely as it's meant to be pretty much the G4 firmware in an older box?! It could well be the underlying tune, especially if you are using the same maps for both cars.  At idle you often don't want to give the car more timing than is necessary to sustain a steady idle - a bit too much and the engine can try and put on rpm as soon as it gets enough air to, it can make it a touchy situation when adjusting the airflow to try and control the idle.  From a different angle, same thing can happen if the fuel map is inconsistent.... the idle air control system would prefer to work with a consistent and fairly 'steady' engine, so make sure the fuel map is tidy and maybe dull the timing map back a bit in the idle zones (if it isn't already like that) if you feel you've tried everything else.   The fact it's fine when cold (where it's harder to hold higher idle rpm) but gets jumpy when it's warm makes it seem like it could be 'too torquey' when it's warm and idle control is haven't to shut off to stop it creeping. The G4 Link also has an idle ignition control mode which allows the ECU to adjust timing to hold (or assist holding) a steady idle, I've managed to tune cars with no IACV at all and hold a steady idle at target rpm. If you are keen to share your map, or even just screen shots of parts of the map you think are relevant so we can try and see if anything sticks out - that'd be helpful Hopefully that gives something to ponder on! Cheers,  Â
  5. It definitely doesn't allow that, yet - I think I have asked in the wish list area for more functionality on this, quite a few of Link's biggest competitors (!?) have blending tables which allow you to do something along those lines. Â You'd not really want to linear interpolate the timing and fuel numbers between petrol and E85(+), it isn't linear.
  6. How cold are you talking? Â I was assuming it was a general cold start issue - ethanol can be difficult in really cold temperatures. If the timing NEEDED to be as high as what you had, my suggestion could actually make it run worse - depends on how aggressive your cams and a few other things. Â Either way, let us know how you get on and good luck
  7. At first glance I haven't noticed anything too suspicious looking at the fuelling but one thing got my attention... From engine to engine results can vary in this area, but how did you come to those ignition numbers around idle rpm - did you need that much to maintain an idle? Â If you haven't specifically needed to add that much timing at those rpm then maybe for giggles just try highlighting 0-1000rpm and doing a '-25%' to the timing in that entire range, and give it a go and see if it's any better. Â I've seen over advanced light load stuff quite a bit, and it doesn't necessarily make itself obvious but E85 on a cold block doesn't put up with much sillyness so I'd not be too surprised if that issue could be caused by that.
  8. Had a look at the PCL you sent me Mark, it has been set up in the Link as a narrow band sensor (assuming it's on AN Volt 1).... Â that's not likely to be too helpful
  9. Agreed, and endorse this message - a lot of the questions I see on this forum aren't specifically Link related issues and whether they are or not, the HPA courses and forum should help people out greatly. Cheers, Lith.
  10. You don't really need to use it any more as the Link/VIPEC allow exporting of CSVs directly but I did find I needed to change the format some time a while ago (I may have used the LLG2CSV code to work out the file structure for my own use ) and can't remember exactly what changed
  11. Is there any reason you ask? Â If your boost control seem to be functioning fine, I'm not sure why you are scoping the tune and questioning what the tuner has done. Â As Kelly mentioned, the Link provides a lot of different functionality and offers more than one way of achieving a result - you select your tuner to decide how to use that functionality to achieve the results you desire. Â I personally have used openloop for almost all (or all?) of the cars I've tuned and found it perfectly capable when set up right, in some situations it has advantages over closed loop - guess it depends on the car is, what the tuner prefers, and what is needed from the boost control setup.
  12. Are some of those completed tunes?  Look forward to checking them out just for interests sake - have done and are mid way through doing a couple of similar spec tunes, just an amateur so will be cool to see how the pros do it with similar things  What size injectors are the RB25 setups?  I've been playing with making software so I can build VE tables for different engine setups and build Link fuel tables off that info + injector characterisation info, seeing as Links aren't VE based themselves
  13. I didn't realise the ViPEC CAN data was definable, I might need to look into the CAN data info for ViPEC properly - I had assumed they were the same. Thanks, Simon Â
  14. Hi guys, I am working on building a electronic dashboard for a G4 Link using the serial datastream and am just sussing out the bits of data I'll be processing for putting on the screen, and was counting on giving the driver the option of displaying ethanol content but just realised that it is not included in the datastream - is there any possibility of including that in the datastream, or having an option of requesting it? Cheers, Dan
  15. Thanks for uploading these by the way, beyond the call of duty and very helpful
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