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  1. The lem g3 allows a choice of hard or soft limit or a combo of both.. question is, Â I want an only fuel cut rpm limit. So which do I choose. .? Kind regards. martin
  2. this isn't necessary with the link's closed loop idle system. So long as your idle PID is set nicely it'll respond without any trouble. if your finding a large drop in rpm and you have no wideband to see fuelling I'd almost guarantee your injector lag times are not correct.
  3. no. Since the link cannot output the Spark advance word SAW that the unit requires. And it also doesn't understand the PIP signal. Conventional method only !
  4. since there is no VVT in any rb engine. You won't be setting it up. There however is a switched oil solenoid on the inlet cam which gives 20degrees advance. Your tune will be totally need to be redone. since the cam solenoid wants to be switched on from just off idle to 5300. (Nissan setting) this gives better Cylinder fill and around 40lbs of torque. You can use the cam solenoid option. I tend to just set a gp output. Otherwise you can find the valve clicking in and out at low tp and rpm.
  5. i have tps and closed loop wideband. I don't have a spare input. This would be a very very useful feature. there's so many stupid political rules that go along with these ecu's because of the Vipec stuff. For example. No closed loop boost on the atom ? Why on earth not? As if its going to stop people buying storm units.
  6. email me at Martinbattye@hotmail.com
  7. hello.. i have recently pulled my Link Atom apart to upgrade the internal sensor to 400kpa.. (part number MPX4400AP) - that is the direct replacement and also i believe the Map sensor which the Vipec would use.. once installed the AN volt input has a drop down menu which allows me to select the Link4bar sensor.. Map sensor calibrate.. all good.. the range is correct working and accurate... save . restart ECU.. the calibration has switched back to 2.5bar.. why??? if im brave enough or stupid enough to open my unit invalidate the warrenty and fit myself an different sensor should i surely be able to reap the benefits.. why does the drop down menu even operate in the internal map settings if you are not allowed to change the sensor.?? i imagine this is also the save issue on all the other products. (plugin storm) regards Martin MBAutomotive..
  8. im agreeing with this.. new FW isnt my favourite.. black background?
  9. if the guy doing the work isnt confident in building a base tune (it takes like an hour tops) then take it somewhere else.. many tuners are very guilty of tuning basemaps.. in my eyes this is retarded.
  10. hello Marc.. i believe we in contact in via facebook at the moment
  11. i have recently tuned a Glanza at 275whp in the uk on a Link Atom.. converted over to waste spark pack etc.. it worked nicely with the Atom. you could gut your OEM ecu and make a connector harness.
  12. TBH the way in which DDT hae described to set your inj lag time is the most effective way.. inj lag time is there so changes in voltage dont alter AF. so by setting in this way you have a sure fire way of getting it correct.. the only thing this doesnt account for is the base time (14v).. i tend to set this around the 0,8 mark and tune from there.. if you are finding that you cannot lean the motor out on idle (very large inj) then you may have to adjust this (but bare in mind some injectors cannot actually make a pulse under certain PW. youll thank the day you did this is you ever lose an alternator since the car will drive pretty good down to 9v. since setting inj lag in the disharge method also allows for the decrease in fuel flow from the pump. (to the point where base fuel pressure may even drop)
  13. feel free to call my mobile.. 07903 358470
  14. another UK tuner making a mess of an amazing product.. this boils my blood. http://www.skylineowners.com/forum/showthread.php?t=163990
  15. the splitfire packs ignitor box is best run from the nissan ignitor. then you can retain indiv cyl trim for ign.
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