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  1. Hi everyone, I have a older style link ( not sure exactly what one it is - older LEM with extra 4 pin connector) in a nissan pulsar VZ-R 2.0ltr VVL. My problem is that i picked my car up from the tuners, and it felt really sluggish. So i got a hunch that one of the cams werent switching (intake and exhaust cams switching using auxilary outputs). So i hooked up a multimeter, took it for a spin and found that AUX2 wasnt working when it was supposed to. I then hooked up my laptop, observed the real-time values and noticed the same thing. I checked the set up parameters and they all seem in check. It wasnt until i actually highlighted the swithing RPM value, entered the same value it was previously set at and pressed enter that it actually started to work?? So, i turned the engine off and turned IGN back on, i saved the configuration to the Link, disconnected the laptop then started the engine again...and what do you know....AUX2 isnt working again! as a result i have to take it back to the tuners to get it sorted (i have to say though, he should have noticed that the cams werent switching when he had it on the dyno). whats going on here? firmware fault? im lost, please help! Mitch
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