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  1. Ok Next question, Injector and coil wiring firing order. I take it that I wire cylinder 1 injector to the output Injector 1 Cylinder 2 injector to the output injector 2 etc etc and same with the coils Cylinder 1 to ign 1, cyl 2 to ign 2 But is that with the cylinders numbered 1, 2, 3, 4, on one bank and 5, 6, 7, and 8 on the other bank, or is it 1, 3, 5, 7, on one bank and 2, 4, 6, and 8 on the other? Using the 1UZ-FE base map it has firing order of 1, 8, 4, 3, 6, 5, 7, 2.
  2. Ok, yes that all makes sense.
  3. I have a 3UZ-FE with VVT and E-throttle, and a G4 Red Extreme with external E-Throttle controller. Just starting planning on the wiring and settings. Will the 1UZ-FE VVT basemap be a good place to start? Not worried about the tuning as I can sort most of that, but more with the trigger and VVT settings etc, as I have not configured a vehicle with VVT on two banks before. The file I have has trig2: VVTi Cam type set as OFF, Digital input 1 set as cam position RH Digital Input 2 set as cam position LH Auxiliary output 1 set as VVT cam solenoid RH
  4. ECU is a Blue Storm G4+. I have Aux Output 1 and 3 as Tacho and Speedo. I take it that these two outputs are capable of being Tacho and Speedo as I read only some outputs can do some functions?
  5. I have some questions on wiring the Speedo and Tacho Outputs. We are using VDO speedo and Tacho Gauges and I am trying to get them to work off Aux Out 1 and Aux Out 3. Not worried about calibration just yet as I think I have that side of it figured out, but trying to get the Key On Sweep to work so that I can make sure the wiring is right. Usually the Aux Outputs switch to earth, so does that mean that I will need some sort of external pull up resistor from ign to the signal wire, so the ECU can pulse it to ground to create a signal? At this stage I can not get ei
  6. All the time like shown above is what we are after, so will just use 1 as FP and one a GP.
  7. Hi there, We are wiring a car that has two lots of fuel pumps, Is there any reason I cannot assign two outputs as fuel pump, Aux Out 7 and Aux Out 8. Will they both work the same, or does it get confused if you assign two outputs the same function.?
  8. Thanks. I have loaded the file and have it working and reading ethanol fine on the dash now. I have also been able to set some alarms in the dash for low/high ethanol content if it gets to far away from 30%
  9. I my car I run an 11 position rotary switch to adjust traction control, I prefer the switch rather than just a potentiometer as I can see and feel the adjustments on the go. I run the output to a AN Volt INPUT and run a 3d allocation table. I did this as I had no idea what slip % to start with and could try a wider range of settings on the go. After playing I now have it setup at 9% slip in mid position and a difference of 1% per click. I find it works quite well.
  10. I have been trying to figure it out but have not had success yet getting it to read Ethanol %. I emailed you a copy of my ECU program to have a look at. If you can have a look and make some changes or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Matt
  11. Ok, next question We have adapted the 4AGE 20V CAS to the 3T dist, but the dist rotates in the opposite direction. Will this affect the triggers? The main 24 tooth wheel appears to be symetrical and looks as though it will output the same signal in both directions, but the bottom single tooth appear to be ramped in one direction and looks like it builds up the the step on the wheel. I am unsure what affect this will have on the signal? We may be able to machine the wheel so that the ramp is gone and the tooth just sticks out, but is it necessary?
  12. Ok. I can see the "secondary injector DC" in the aim and think I can figure out the AiM end. If you give me a brief how to on here, and if I cant figure it out, I will email the file to you. I am still in the process of working out what sensors etc I will run to what input etc, so the map is not complete yet.
  13. I have an AIM dash and have had it running on my Blue Storm G4+ fine. I have upgraded to an Extreme Black and copied the program across and it all works fine.. What I want to add is ethanol % on the dash as a display. The Dash is an older MXL, not the current MXS. In the dash there is not a channel for Ethanol %, however there are things in there that I dont use. Is it going to be possible to make it work? I have had a look through some of the can stuff but it it a bit over my level. Just would like to know if it is going to be possible ?
  14. Matt Dunn

    ECU upgrade

    Kind of answered the question, Can I load the Map from a G4+ Storm into a G4+ Extreme. Obviously I will have to change the settings for the extra inputs/ouputs that the new ECU will have, but is it as simple as connecting to the extreme and then opening the map from the storm and then doing a store?
  15. Matt Dunn

    ECU upgrade

    Hi I have a question , I currently have a LINK G4+ storm blue in my car but, but really want to have some more inputs and outputs as want to add some more features. I was looking at changing to the Storm Black, but I run traction control in my race car and it appears that the new Storm Black does not have that feature? Is that correct.? Other option is we are also building another car, so I could put my current blue storm into that as that car will be more basic, and would have to go for the Black Extreme G4+ into my car. Other than having to fit an exte
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