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  1. Matt Dunn

    Fuel Pump control

    All the time like shown above is what we are after, so will just use 1 as FP and one a GP.
  2. Matt Dunn

    Fuel Pump control

    Hi there, We are wiring a car that has two lots of fuel pumps, Is there any reason I cannot assign two outputs as fuel pump, Aux Out 7 and Aux Out 8. Will they both work the same, or does it get confused if you assign two outputs the same function.?
  3. Matt Dunn

    AIM dash configuration

    Thanks. I have loaded the file and have it working and reading ethanol fine on the dash now. I have also been able to set some alarms in the dash for low/high ethanol content if it gets to far away from 30%
  4. Matt Dunn

    Variable Traction Control

    I my car I run an 11 position rotary switch to adjust traction control, I prefer the switch rather than just a potentiometer as I can see and feel the adjustments on the go. I run the output to a AN Volt INPUT and run a 3d allocation table. I did this as I had no idea what slip % to start with and could try a wider range of settings on the go. After playing I now have it setup at 9% slip in mid position and a difference of 1% per click. I find it works quite well.
  5. Matt Dunn

    AIM dash configuration

    I have been trying to figure it out but have not had success yet getting it to read Ethanol %. I emailed you a copy of my ECU program to have a look at. If you can have a look and make some changes or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks Matt
  6. Matt Dunn

    3T-GTE Ignition Systems

    Ok, next question We have adapted the 4AGE 20V CAS to the 3T dist, but the dist rotates in the opposite direction. Will this affect the triggers? The main 24 tooth wheel appears to be symetrical and looks as though it will output the same signal in both directions, but the bottom single tooth appear to be ramped in one direction and looks like it builds up the the step on the wheel. I am unsure what affect this will have on the signal? We may be able to machine the wheel so that the ramp is gone and the tooth just sticks out, but is it necessary?
  7. Matt Dunn

    AIM dash configuration

    Ok. I can see the "secondary injector DC" in the aim and think I can figure out the AiM end. If you give me a brief how to on here, and if I cant figure it out, I will email the file to you. I am still in the process of working out what sensors etc I will run to what input etc, so the map is not complete yet.
  8. Matt Dunn

    AIM dash configuration

    I have an AIM dash and have had it running on my Blue Storm G4+ fine. I have upgraded to an Extreme Black and copied the program across and it all works fine.. What I want to add is ethanol % on the dash as a display. The Dash is an older MXL, not the current MXS. In the dash there is not a channel for Ethanol %, however there are things in there that I dont use. Is it going to be possible to make it work? I have had a look through some of the can stuff but it it a bit over my level. Just would like to know if it is going to be possible ?
  9. Matt Dunn

    ECU upgrade

    Kind of answered the question, Can I load the Map from a G4+ Storm into a G4+ Extreme. Obviously I will have to change the settings for the extra inputs/ouputs that the new ECU will have, but is it as simple as connecting to the extreme and then opening the map from the storm and then doing a store?
  10. Matt Dunn

    ECU upgrade

    Hi I have a question , I currently have a LINK G4+ storm blue in my car but, but really want to have some more inputs and outputs as want to add some more features. I was looking at changing to the Storm Black, but I run traction control in my race car and it appears that the new Storm Black does not have that feature? Is that correct.? Other option is we are also building another car, so I could put my current blue storm into that as that car will be more basic, and would have to go for the Black Extreme G4+ into my car. Other than having to fit an external map sensor, what else would I have to change? Are the A plug the same wiring between the Blue Storm and the Black Extreme? Can I load the map from one to the other? Thanks Matt
  11. Matt Dunn

    3T-GTE Ignition Systems

    Ok then sounds good. So to trigger the coils, we will need to fire two coils at once, can I run a 4 channel igniter and use wasted spark mode in the ECU and split ignition drive 1 to two channels of the igniter, or is the output of the igniter not strong enough to trigger 2 channels?
  12. Matt Dunn

    3T-GTE Ignition Systems

    Hi all, We are building a 3T-GTE and are planning on running multicoil and are doing away with the distributor cap and rotor. We have modified a distributor to take the sensor out of a 4AGE 20V dist, so it will have a 24 tooth and a single tooth signal. First question is where do we time it? I think that with the G4+ you can adjust the base timing to where ever, but we have the ability to place the pickup anywhere on the shaft, so is there any place that is better than another. Is the single pulse better to ocour exactly at TDC no1, 10 deg before TDC, 20 deg before TDC, or does it really not make any difference. Second question is, the engine is a 4 cylinder, but uses 8 sparkplugs, 2 per cylinder. We were thinking of using 4 wasted spark coils to fire the 8 plugs. Are we better to run one coil with both leads to the same cylinder, or run true wasted spark, and fire two coils each time. First way would be simplier, but then the coil has to fire two plugs under compression load rather than one under compression load and one under almost no load?
  13. Matt Dunn

    Linkplus Lexus V8 Trigger wiring

    I have been given the task of wiring a Linkplus G1 to the Lexus V8 and have a couple of questions. I think it is a Linkplus V14 and has lexusv8 on the sticker on the end so I presume it has the right sub board in it. First question is on the trigger wiring. There is two shielded wires in the loom for triggers, a grey and a black, which appear to have a trigger wire, a Shield and a wire that I think went to the 8V feed? The two wires from the crank and cam sensors, do i connect them to the power feed and the trigger signal wire, or do I connect to the Trigger wire and the shield wire and that the power feed wire in the loom is not used. Second question is if I scope the triggers I take it that the crank trigger will look similar to a toyota 24 tooth signal, and the camshaft one will be a single pulse?. It is probably easier for me to work out the trigger wiring by scoping the signals than by actually getting to the sensors themselves. Matt
  14. Matt Dunn

    1980's Toyota VSS

    There is a reed switch in the speedo head, and it switches to earth. You do need an external pullup resistor which is usually inside the Factory ECU. There may be a few other things connected to the wire which may be giving you some sort of a signal that you are seeing, but I would guess that adding a decent pullup resistor to it will fix the issue. Usually they give a very good clean signal, and you only seem to be getting very low voltage, less than 500mv. Usually will be a 5V or 12V square wave.
  15. Matt Dunn

    Traction Control Disable

    Was just playing with the program earlier thinking that as using an output from the ECU to switch and Input to the ECU seems like a waste of two inputs/ouputs, where it should be able to be done internally.