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  1. Haha! You got me laughing with that comment! Will watch that vid a bit later, thanks for that. So is the G4 functionally equivalent to the G4+ for e throttle (other than cruise control aspect)? Also I assume I dont need anything other than the pedal, TB, and loom/connectors (and Link of course)? Cheers
  2. Thanks for all the replies guys, thought I had read the silver Extreme could do it. So is the hardware functionally equivalent to the newer implementations (ie will yield as smooth/predictable throttle characteristics compared to the G4+ or oem?). Not so worried about not having cruise control. There seems to be plenty of e throttle haters out there based on sluggish response etc, is that merely a product of how the throttle is configured/tuned by the oems or are there genuine compromises that need to be made? At the moment e throttle is sounding pretty good, would be nice to spend the money spent on a cable TB on something else...
  3. Hey All I'm building a turbo gen IV LS motor, the base engine runs a 4-bolt 3.5" e-throttle and I have the engine ECU, harness and pedal (don't think I have the 'TAC' module I'd otherwise need to get the GM computer to run it however). Anyway, LS is replacing a gen II Chevy V8 (LT1) with a Link G4 (in a Hilux). This setup was running a cable operated throttle body, so cable and pedal are all there to make a mechanical TB work. This seems like the simplest solution other than the $$$ I would need to buy a new cable throttle body and TPS etc. So question is, for those who have done/driven both in a performance application, would it be worth trying to get the e throttle working with the G4 or is the extra wiring (and operation of the final product) not worth the ~$350+ to otherwise just buy a new mechanical TB? Id also have to install the pedal which will be a bit of fab work, but prolly similar scale job to making an intake mounted bracket for the cable since there is no provision on the LS. Also I'm assuming the G4 is up to the job? It's the silver body version. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi guys, Im experimenting with using dry ice to achieve sub zero intake temps. I have a LEM V5 and link IAT (Bosch brass bodied one pictured on this website), and am wondering whether the ECU and sensor will be up to the job, since I have read these become quite critical for accurate fuel control at sub zero temps. Has anyone played with sub zero intercooling using these Link parts? Thanks in advance.
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