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  1. Hi Thanks for the comments. The supercharger sit directly on the intakes to the ports so i will drill a little on this to get the pressure reading from. This is what I was thinking just means a bit of disassembly. Cheers David
  2. Hi Sorry  My question was about poistionig of the map sensor on a supercharger. I have a 1UZ with a eaton supercharger on top of the block. I am not sure whether to place the MAP sensor before the supercharger or after it. The super charger also has a bypass valve on it which means that some of the flow can by pass the engine. I would assume that you would want to place it after the supercharger as the temperature and pressure being ready would increase?  Thanks David
  3. Hi I am having trouble setting the triggers on my toyota v8 1uzfe. I have got Trigger 1 reading off the 12 tooth plate on the crank and trigger 2 reading off the LHS cam. When I try to get the engine running the only setting that seems to runs well is the single tooth. When I am running the engine the tacho output on the computer is reading 4500rpm when it is idling. The engine is only doing 1000rpm. This means that that the fuel table reads in the settings in the middle when it is running at idle and not the values at the left at 1000rpm. I have tried running the engine on multitooth with 12 teeth and this doesn't seem to turnover well at all. I am running direct spark as i have coil on plug for each cylinder and have larger injectors 315cc/m. I am using the G4 Link Extreme. Have you got any suggestion as to why i am getting a reading of 4500rpm when it is idling at 1000rpm? Is the Trigger wheel on the crank actually determing tdc at all? Do i need a one tooth plate on the crank or should i file one tooth off? Any help would be great as I am having loads of fun with this project and can't wait to continue. Thanks
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