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  1. Thanks for the tip, I'll have a crack at it tomorrow
  2. I cleared the fault codes today. The engine still won't start. I haven't seen any more fault codes, so I assume it was just from when I disconnected the loom plugs. I don't understand why it won't start, haven't had this problem before I unplugged the loom plugs??
  3. Hi, I have the G4 Link ECU with map sensor and no maf in my '92 model Nissan Sunny GTi-R. The other day I had to change some vacuum hoses, and to get to them I disconnected the loom plugs. I put everything back together, and the engine would not start. I checked that the plugs were properly plugged in, and that the vacuum hose to the map sensor was connected. All appearing to be fine. Then I connected the ecu to PCLink, and got these fault codes: 26 46 49 Â What do these mean? What can I do about it? Best regards, Ole from NorwayÂ
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