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  1. Hi I have installed a black extreme ECU on a car and do all the wiring and configuration for electronic throttle using a BMW VDO throttle all setup were OK and Electronic throttle setup were done (Pedal and TPS setup) successfully and throttle is working fine when on setup mode but there is no response att all when system turned to ON mode, no error reported on the RUN time values not on the ECU error screen, attached is my tune file please help G4+ Xtreme Black Sample 2.pclr
  2. Thanks Simon It's was the error level and fixed by rising error level to 5 and also reprogram the LC-2 to avoid numbers higher than 5V which is Link limit.
  3. Omar Allaga

    LC-1 on Link G4+

    Hi I am tuning a link extreme ECU using an Innovate LC-1 connected to the An Volt2, I have used it for a period of time then car stopped and I have to change engine, and now I noticed that Lambda is wrong on PC link, I have checked everything up to the wire on ECU and found it's giving 5V when engine is off and on Logworks reading is full lean (20.9 AFR) but PC link gives full reach (0.01 Lambda) when calibration table read 1.5 lambda at 5V tried everything but still have this strange reading,  please your help as I need to tune the engine
  4. I have sent you a PM with details   Regards Â
  5. sorry forgot to mention firmware version as it was updated to 5.2.2 that is included in the latest Pclink update
  6. Hi Dave I am using the latest software version and file has been saved in the based map folder but still have the same problem
  7. Hi Dave really appreciate your support but unfortunately file isn't opening even after correcting file type by replacing _ with .
  8. Thanks for the detailed reply Dave actually I have did some of the mentioned points, but will try the nice idea for choosing master fuel trim, but also need to check with you about optimal fuel timing and could it affect the crancking?  anyway attached is my current PCL file  thanks Omar
  9. Hey David Actually plugs are wet I have boosted power so while cracking it's still around 12 And now i am trying hard to find the appropriate numbers to start the engine as it's reaching around 500 rpm For less than second then back to cranking. I have noticed also that when jump to start injector PW also jumps
  10. Hi Dave currently everything is OK, RPM ignition fueling, but car couldn't start I have checked today and found that spark is very weak
  11. Thanks for your reply David the attached file was only to check trigger/Sync signals so there is several errors that was corrected with the starting file (MAP IAT ...)
  12. Hi James even late thanks for the reply, I have already corrected the offest and also corrected cam trigger wheel, I didn't have time to work on it till friday where I have tarted it but it's back firing and popping in the manifold so I will be working on it today to fix this
  13. Attached as requested waiting for your kind advice
  14. Any Advice please???? dear admins could you please advice about teh atatched scope? is it normal, is the sync signal correct? I am still having Trigger 1 errors Â
  15. Hi Dave I have used the Arming threshold coming with Link software for E36 plug in ECU, and I have tried to change the numbers based on the attached scope I got while cranking as all it happens while cranking I don't want to start my engine with any trigger errors, and I am using the level 1 filter ( Tried to raise it to the level 3 for trigger one but didn't have any affect on RPM count) Â attached is the scope I got and my trigger settings Â
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