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  1. New injectors now installed and working fine. Used the Delphi 95lb dead times as a starting point and tuned from there. AFR now looking good (after tuning). Thanks to Dave and Martin for their help in pointing me in the right direction. Pete
  2. Thanks Martin and Dave. I appreciate your help with this. Guys - The Master was set to 10mS for the 444cc injectors . I've installed the new injectors and ran at idle until the engine has reached running temp (Master now set at 7mS - This brings the AFR to the same running value as the smaller injectors (Turned off Closed loop lambda while setting this up). Also adjusted the deadtime at 14v from 0.920 to 0.90 I haven't made any changes to the fuel map at this point. I have a question though. will I need to change the injector timing? This is currently set at 390Deg BTDC (Cam timing remains unchanged). For now I've put the original injectors back in and chenged the settings back their previous values. Thanks Again Pete
  3. Hi, I have a set of Delphi 680cc injectors (Part No.17113814) to replace the stock injectors in my RB26 engine. These are low Z injectors running through the stock series resistors in my R33 GTR. I need to set up the deadband and master pulse width for these and can't find any information on them (Using a GTS/GTR plugin ecu). I was just wondering if anyone can help me? Thanks Pete
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