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  1. Hi, To isolate the problem you can do the following. Hold the engine at idle with constant AFR, measure the output voltage of the LC1 respective to its ground. Measure the voltage at the ECU respective to its own ground. Compare these results, they should be very similar. The next thing to do its calculate the voltage you would expect coming out of the sensor at this AFR, compare results. From here you can do the same with what the ECU is expecting in terms of its own calibration. Please let us know how you get on. Regards, Phil
  2. Hi Eric., Connect to the LC1 with its software and see what the calibration is. Enter this into a calibration table and everything should work. Make sure the innovate is grounded near the ECU.
  3. Hi Chris, We recommend the Innovate Motorsport LC1 Wideband Controller and Sensor package. This can be purchased from us directly if required. The LC1 has two configurable analogue outputs; one of these can be wired to an analogue input on the G4 ECU. Once connected to the ECU via PCLink you will need to configure the calibration of the input voltage to read the correct AFR, the calibration is listed in the LC1 manual. Closed loop lambda via wideband can be configured from the 'Closed Loop Lambda' menu inside the 'Fuel' menu. You have a number of lockouts and closed loop settings available
  4. I've had a look at the information you have provided. Seems like a good idea, but i disagree with "Again my understanding is this type of system is superior and less costly then a "knock box"." for the simple fact that 99% of vehicles on the road do not run CDI from factory which means this would need to be installed before even considering the costs of the knock controller. Installation would also be far more difficuilt as each spark plug needs its own interface, where with the standard method one knock sensor can be used to detect individual knock on up to four cylinders using data windowin
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